Monica Schafer sits at Noah’s Nook with her campaign materials.

Monica Schafer wins new Ingham district by 18 votes

Republican candidate Monica Schafer is the newly elected Ingham County District 15 commissioner with 5,078 votes, just 18 votes over Democratic candidate Brooke Locke.

“Especially in such a close race, I feel very honored that I was chosen to represent District 15,” Schafer said. “It is big shoes to fill, … but I will work hard to fulfill those shoes to make sure that the district is taken care of in the same care, the same compassion and the same timeliness.”

Millage renewal highlights library’s impact on East Lansing

Election Day in the East Lansing Public Library may have appeared to be a normal day for the regular visitor, but for Kristin Shelley, the library’s director, this was one of the most important days of the year. “I will be nervous until the votes are finalized, but what I’ve heard from community members is that they’re very supportive of the library.” 

Redrawn districts shake up 2022 election race for Holt candidates

These maps show the difference between boundaries of the old Michigan 23rd Senate district on the left, and the new Michigan 21st district on the right. 

DELHI TOWNSHIP, Mich.  – Candidates for the 2022 elections representing Holt-Delhi Township are preparing for the first election cycle since the most recent redistricting in 2020. “Michigan has non-partisan districting for the first time in its history,” said Curtis Hertel, Jr., current senator from Michigan’s 23rd Senate district. 

“My seat, which was a solidly Democratic seat and gerrymandered so as many Democrats as possible would be packed into one district, has shifted into two districts.”

Delhi Township, once part of the 23rd Senate district, now belongs to the 21st Senate district, which includes most of Lansing, southern and eastern Ingham County, and all of Eaton County.  The new district is less Democratic-leaning than the old 21st district, with Eaton County narrowly voting for Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020. 

With Senator Hertel unable to run due to term limits, the race for the open 21st Senate district seat is between Democrat Sarah Anthony, who currently serves as the representative from the 68th Michigan House of Representatives district, and Republican Nkenge Robertson. 

Senator Hertel stated his optimism about Representative Anthony’s success in the Senate race despite the change in voter base.  “She should win,” Hertel said. “The numbers are solidly on her side.”

Representative Anthony expressed that she’s the right person to bring together the people of the 23rd Senate District.

Vote sign points at two people walking away from polling place, a larg building.

Why does your vote matter? Join the discussion 

East Lansing voters talk about why voting matters to them. Join our discussion and share why it matters to you. Here’s what some of the voters said. 

Mona Owusu, voting at the Hannah Community Center poll said, “As African Americans, we have fought a very long battle to do what we’re doing now… For my ancestors and the people that came before me to do that,” she said, not voting “would be a letdown.” Owusu is proud that her voice can be heard. “Now it’s been heard, and I’m going to let it ring.”

Voters line up at Brody Hall at Michigan State University to cast their ballot in the 2022 midterm elections on Tuesday. The ballot included races for overnor, attorney general, secretary of state, the state’s 13 congressional seats, and the 148 members of the Michigan Legislature. There also were three statewide ballot proposals up for vote.

Abortion motivates, divides East Lansing voters

Abortion was a key issue driving many East Lansing voters to the polls Tuesday.

The ballot includes a proposal to amend Michigan’s constitution to protect reproductive rights, including abortion. The measure, which appears as Proposal 3, would overturn a 1931 Michigan law banning abortion and offer state protections in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Courts overturning of Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 case that legalized abortion nationwide.

Half of Eat Lansing library’s funding is on line in election

A 10-year millage renewal for the East Lansing Public Library will be on the ballot Nov. 8.

Kristin Shelley, library director, explained the significance of the mill citizens vote on.“One mill alone won’t even pay our payroll,” Shelley said. 

Shelley noted this election’s mill is an operating millage. “It pays for staff, programs, the collection, maintenance and facilities of this building. And most recently we were able to replace the front sidewalk, and install a brand-new HVAC system. That is all thanks to millage money.” 

Challengers allowed, expected at county’s polling locations

Jack ArmstrongThe MSU Union will serve as a polling location for East Lansing residents in the upcoming Nov. 8 elections. The City of East Lansing is planning for election challengers to be at every city polling location Nov. 8, according to City Clerk Jennifer Shuster. The city has seen an increase in election challengers and poll watchers since the 2020 presidential election.