Pedestrians walk along a street in downtown East Lansing. The area boasts many restaurants and is intersected by bus lines serving Michigan State University and Lansing’s capital area.

Many Ingham County Democrats lukewarm on Biden

INGHAM COUNTY PROFILE: Ingham County leans heavily Democratic and supported Biden over Trump 65% to 33% in 2020. But it’s also a mix of rural, urban and college communities, cutting through a unique cross-section of voters in a state expected to play a pivotal role in this year’s elections. By Viet Anh Phan, Donte Smith, Jada Vasser and Campbell Berg. FOR ALL POINTS.

Feds warn Michigan to improve speed, accuracy of food assistance program

SNAP DELAYS: USDA has criticized Michigan for delays and errors in handling applications for SNAP food benefits for low-income residents. One result is increased demand on already-stressed food banks. Whitmer and the governors of neighboring Ohio and Indiana have received warning letters from Washington. We talk to the Food Bank Council of Michigan and the National Center for Budget and Policy. By Alex Walters. FOR DETROIT, MICHIGAN FARM NEWS, HILLSDALE, COLDWATER, STURGIS, THREE RIVERS, MONROE, BLISSFIELD, ADRIAN, LANSING CITY PULSE AND ALL POINTS.

Protests disrupt Pete Buttigieg speaking event at Michigan State

On Nov. 29, several protests took place outside of Michigan State University’s Kellogg Center as U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg held a speaking event inside the venue. The event was one of many along the secretary’s recent speaking tour that has been met with protests. 

Three distinct groups protested the event: the Sunrise Movement, Michigan State’s Hurriya Coalition, and Climate Defiance. The Sunrise Movement, which is a national grassroots movement advocating for climate justice, hung banners out of the Kellogg Center’s main parking garage, where most event attendees were entering. The three banners read in all capital letters: You have blood on your hands; Biden: Fund climate action not genocide; and Biden: Declare a climate emergency

VIDEO: Ingham County resident survives tornado damages

LANSING, Mich.—Timothy Hillock is one of the many people that suffered damages to his home after the severe tornadoes that occurred across the state on Aug. 24–26. A tree was blown over during the storm and fell on Hillock’s roof, destroying his home. On Sept. 19, FEMA and the Michigan State Police assessed the damages following the tornadoes.

Supreme Court ruling on LGBTQ+ case sparks controversy in state

When the Supreme Court ruled that Lori Smith, a website designer from Colorado, could deny her services to those of the LGBTQ+, it was unclear how the decision would affect LGBTQ+ clients nationwide. But Fenton resident Ky Orvis wasn’t too worried — yet. “Specifically in Fenton, I don’t see it foreseeing it being a problem,” said Orvis, the president of the Fenton Pride Collective. “The concern of a lot of people, not just in Fenton, not just in Michigan, but across the U.S. is like what does this set the precedent of and justify discrimination against a class of people.”

The ruling is sparking controversy as to what this means for groups, such as minorities and LGBTQ+, and raises concerns for those it affects. “Why does this exist?

Early presidential primary could shift campaign strategies

PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY: Traditionally, presidential candidates have focused their efforts in Michigan on a handful of heavily populated metropolitan areas such as Detroit and Grand Rapids. But iIf Michigan moves the date of its primary to be earlier in 2024 – and earlier in the nominating process – that could change. The Senate has passed a bill to do that. We hear from a former Northern Michigan University political scientist and legislators from Groveland Township and Royal Oak. With Marquette and Traverse City references By Andrew Roth. FOR DETROIT, MARQUETTE, TRAVERSE CITY, LANSING CITY PULSE AND ALL POINTS.

Federal funds aid efforts to plug orphan wells 

ORPHAN WELLS: Orphan oil wells plague the Midwest, but new federal funds will help plug them. Michigan has around 450 orphan wells throughout the Lower Peninsula, with large concentrations in Manistee and Benzie counties and along the border of Charlevoix and Otsego counties. A Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy official explains. By Jake Christie. FOR MANISTEE, LUDINGTON, BENZIE COUNTY, CHEBOYGAN, TRAVERSE CITY AND ALL POINTS.