MSU students use vote as voice

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Spartan Newsroom reporters talked to MSU students at polling locations across campus and in East Lansing about the 2022 elections

Junior Autumn Decker, 21

“I wanted to get out and vote just because I feel as an individual I have a voice and I wanted it to be heard.”

Photo by John Sabato

Sophomore Imani Smith, 19

“I feel like it makes people more angry and more aggressive when it comes to when you tell them who you want to vote for, who you should vote for. It makes it a more hostile environment.”

Photo by Courtney Craig

Freshman Alice Harrison, 18

“I decided on a couple of the people to vote for based on my personal opinions on what they want to do in their actions and everything that I saw, like all the signs and everything to combine was really helpful to know where to vote. All the people that came up and had me register and everything were super helpful and everything like that.”

Photo by Crista Young

Sophomore Olivia Urbano, 19

“Obviously, getting out and voting means you’re speaking out for what you believe in. And I think Change only comes with people who actually want change. If you don’t want change, you don’t vote, so. But I want change in this world.”

Photo by Jack Hurt

Sophomore Brooke Hadley, 19

“I’m happy I finally get to vote on something that matters a lot to me. It was very easy with social media posts; I got to learn a lot from different accounts, such as impact, that made it very easy. I had to change my address to be here in East Lansing, but the process was easy getting help from teammates, family members. But it was fun.”

Photo by Sophia Brandt

Senior Samantha Sebestyen, 21

“I know in the last election a good amount of [Gex X] came out to vote. So I think the majority of us are going to show up this year. I think we’re doing a better job of holding each other accountable for voting and voicing our opinion with so many things at stake.”

Photo by Caesar Roundtree

Freshman Eva Shaska

“I decided to vote because it’s really important for our reproductive rights that we vote and make the right decision about that. Also, this is my first time voting, so I wanted to make sure I had a say.”

Photo by Justice Seay

Sophomore Makayla Bolton, 19

“I think Prop 3 is so important because no matter what you believe or think personally every person should have their own right to choose in this country that claims to be based on free well so for the government to be trying to take that away from us I think is very dangerous and an infringement upon our rights as American citizens so we have to continue to make our voices heard so that they know that we’re not gonna stand for the denial of our rights.”

Photo by Liz Thomas

Sophomore Rachel Hall, 19

“Voting means to me that people have the right to decide how society is run. You get to vote and the person you vote for then that’s the policies that you want in place. It’s kind of like how you see society going in the future as well as you have the right to put people that you think are going to make a good change in power.”

Photo by Brendan Moore

Senior Nick Sonck, 21

“(Voting) was an easy experience and everything went smoothly. I drove home to Jackson this morning to vote in person and the lines weren’t too bad.”

Photo by Matt Merrifield

Ellie Striebich, 19

“I would support a candidate outside of my own political affiliation if I did agree with them on a certain issue pertaining to whatever it is. I think we’re definitely more issue driven rather than basing it mostly on the political party.”

Photo by Dave Delgado

Sophomore James Luke, 20

“What is most important to me about voting is making a difference in our state. Making your voice heard because now is the time to do it.”

Photo by Derrick Mitchell

Junior Jen Lee, 20

“It’s pretty important for me [to vote] because there’s a lot of issues regarding my generation and the next that we need to touch upon, and if things aren’t, let’s say fixed or voted upon, things will probably get worse.”

Photo by Tiana Tyler

Sophomore Dhriti Marri, 19

“My biggest motivation was the privilege of having the right to vote, as well as the importance of voicing our wants.”

Photo by Liesl Netherland

Freshman Hayden Braun, 19

“ I voted by absentee ballot. I am still undecided if I will vote this way next time but I don’t mind voting in person either. … It was definitely a lot easier than I expected it to be. All I had to do was fill in some bubbles and send it on its way.”

Photo by Hannah Holycross

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