Honor for All combats the stigma surrounding post-traumatic stress

Honor for All, a non-profit organization with roots in Williamston seeking to erase the stigma surrounding post-traumatic stress, has made national strides in bringing awareness to the damage of recognizing this commonality as a weakness and disorder.
The group is pushing to change the term post-traumatic stress disorder to the less damaging post-traumatic stress injury.

Neighbors helping neighbors at the Harold Larson Williamston Food Bank

In 2018, the Harold Larson Williamston Food Bank was able to provide 81,390 meals for 144 families who walked through their doors. Recently, they have noticed there has been an increase in the number of children per month.
The Williamston Foodbank is a pre-pack foodbank that packs based on the family that is being served. Jill Cutshaw, director of the Food Bank, said that they have an area of the food bank that is called ‘client choice.’ This allows families to fill up a bag or two depending on the number of people in their household.

Williamstown Township accepts 2019-2020 budget that includes raises for officials

More than a half an hour into the Williamstown Township Board of Trustees meeting on March 13th, the members passed the 2019-2020 budget after a long discussion.
The trustees met at the Williamstown Township Hall located at 4900 Zimmer Road in Williamston to also discuss the River Trail clean-up project.
The budget for the fiscal year did not appeal to trustee John Kane and Kevin Duffy due to the compensation commission attachment which suggested the trustees and other elected officials of the township get slight raises.

Williamston workers disrupted by winter storms

The lives and schedules of 3,859 Williamston residents were disrupted as Michigan and the Midwest were hit hard by winter storms during late January and early February.

Snow and extremely cold weather caused the 1,854 Williamston workers to have trouble getting to work, according to Data USA, an analytics website.