Paving the way: Popular 20th century African- American style symbolized political meaning

Many fashion trends developed as Interstate 496 underwent construction in 1963. Within the history of African-Americans in the 20th century lies political and cultural movements that used the power of fashion to assist in communicating ideas supplemental to the goal of obtaining equal rights. Style choices also derived from popular culture as well as advocates for Black pride. Key fashion motifs were confidence and class which can be seen through the successes of Bill Lett, the owner of a prestigious women’s fashion shop and later a bridal shop both in Lansing, Michigan during the 20th century. Luxurious fur coats and expensive bridal dresses were iconic pieces in these shops.

Anti-gerrymandering effort appears headed for passage

Michigan appears headed toward a new process to draw political boundaries in the state. Proposal 2 would create an independent commission to draw districts for Michigan legislative and congressional offices. Proponents for the measure said the state had fallen victim to gerrymandering, a process by which voting districts are drawn in a way that secures seats for incumbents and their party.