HOMTV to film live shows again

With vaccines on the rise and an end to self-isolation in sight, HOMTV, Meridian Township’s government television station in Okemos, will broadcast its first live show of the year next week.   

Some interns haven’t even been able to visit the newsroom. Bryanna Idzior, a senior at MSU and reporting intern at HOMTV, recently interviewed a source via Zoom while she was in the station. Other than the tour of the studio she received when she was first hired on, this was her first time in the newsroom. 

“It’s kind of been amazing over the past year or so what journalists have learned what they can do remotely,” Idzior said. “Zoom has been a really great tool to get to speak with people.” 

She will be a part of the team filming the Meridian News Now live show. They are planning on working after-hours at the station so that there are less full-time staff in the building to accommodate social distancing.

Owners of a new hot dog stand rise​ up after a robbery

The entrance of Cheezy D’s Deli and Dogs located on the corner of Marsh and Lake Lansing.  Credit: Brea Crawford

Cheezy D’s Deli and Dogs in Haslett, Michigan was robbed just months after their grand opening on June 15, a few months later than originally planned. Owners Denny and Michelle Emmer tried to make the best out of the situation. 

“I knew who did it, that’s why I didn’t press charges,” said Denny. “No matter what their issue was, they needed help. We tried to make a positive out of it. The window can be replaced, and no one was hurt.” 

The robbery influenced Denny to take his business to the next level and help the community.

Township officials upset about mailing absentee ballots out late

Meridian Township Board members blasted the township’s clerk at its most recent meeting for mailing absentee ballots out late. The rest of the agenda included updates on the new marihuana dispensaries and Michigan State University’s solar panel project.

Haslett Robotics Club sees a spark in interest

Sunjay, a middle school student learns how important engineering and robotics is in today’s society. Photo by Julian Stainback. Over the past years, Sunjay, 10, came out of his shell as a result of joining the robotics club in Haslett. The Haslett Robotics Club provides students with instruction in introductory engineering. This includes learning more about robots and how they are assembled.