Second Home

A personal film reflecting on Michigan State University senior Aiden Binford’s feelings of comfort and belonging at Michigan State as graduation draws near.

Holt High School play provides magic and laughs for all ages

The seats at Margaret Livensparger Theater in Holt High School begin to fill up as attendees await the opening performance of Puffs Thursday night. HOLT, Mich.  – The Holt High School theater program saw the opening night of its version of Matt Cox’s play, Puffs, or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic.  

Puffs is a parody of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series told from the perspective of the “Puffs,” one of the four houses of the wizarding school. 

As the play is not affiliated with any individuals or companies associated with the Harry Potter series, the play uses allusions and wordplay to tell the story of the Puffs while staying within the bounds of fair use laws. “It’s a lot of fun for people who both like and dislike Harry Potter,” said senior Simon Menold, who plays a multitude of characters including the potions professor and Lord Voldy. “The Harry Potter nerds will really enjoy the jokes and innuendos that are taken from the books and movies,” said sophomore Mace Betts, “but even if you don’t know it, it’s still hilarious.” Betts plays protagonist Wayne Hopkins in the play. The play came after months of casting, planning, and rehearsing for the final product. 

“We go after school every day from three to five, until this week, when we went from three to ten,” Betts said.

Redrawn districts shake up 2022 election race for Holt candidates

These maps show the difference between boundaries of the old Michigan 23rd Senate district on the left, and the new Michigan 21st district on the right. 

DELHI TOWNSHIP, Mich.  – Candidates for the 2022 elections representing Holt-Delhi Township are preparing for the first election cycle since the most recent redistricting in 2020. “Michigan has non-partisan districting for the first time in its history,” said Curtis Hertel, Jr., current senator from Michigan’s 23rd Senate district. 

“My seat, which was a solidly Democratic seat and gerrymandered so as many Democrats as possible would be packed into one district, has shifted into two districts.”

Delhi Township, once part of the 23rd Senate district, now belongs to the 21st Senate district, which includes most of Lansing, southern and eastern Ingham County, and all of Eaton County.  The new district is less Democratic-leaning than the old 21st district, with Eaton County narrowly voting for Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020. 

With Senator Hertel unable to run due to term limits, the race for the open 21st Senate district seat is between Democrat Sarah Anthony, who currently serves as the representative from the 68th Michigan House of Representatives district, and Republican Nkenge Robertson. 

Senator Hertel stated his optimism about Representative Anthony’s success in the Senate race despite the change in voter base.  “She should win,” Hertel said. “The numbers are solidly on her side.”

Representative Anthony expressed that she’s the right person to bring together the people of the 23rd Senate District.

Holt Food Frenzy provides fun despite weather concerns

Food trucks are seen serving customers outside of the Holt Farmers’ Market on Wednesday, October 12. The final Food Frenzy of the year included thirteen different food vendors, alongside a variety of other goods. DELHI TOWNSHIP, Mich. – The last Food Frenzy of 2022 took place at Holt Farmers’ Market on Wednesday, October 12, with crowds of visitors braving the cold and rain to enjoy food from local vendors, live music, and other activities. Food Frenzies took place once a month throughout the summer at the Farmers’ Market, attracting both seasoned market customers and newcomers.

Esker Square expected to be leasing by Spring 2023

The Esker Square development, located at the intersection of Cedar Street and Veterans Drive, nears completion on the first building. Photo Credits: Aidan Binford

DELHI TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Construction on the first building of the Esker Square development is expected to be completed in time to begin leasing to tenants in Spring 2023. The development will comprise two buildings with a total of 90 units upon completion. Tenants will have the option of a traditional apartment or a work-live style unit, which allow for a small studio or storefront in addition to a living space.