Millage renewal highlights library’s impact on East Lansing

Election Day in the East Lansing Public Library may have appeared to be a normal day for the regular visitor, but for Kristin Shelley, the library’s director, this was one of the most important days of the year. “I will be nervous until the votes are finalized, but what I’ve heard from community members is that they’re very supportive of the library.” 

East Lansing makes voting more accessible for MSU Students

One of the voting signs at Michigan State’s library entrance. For the first time in school history, East Lansing will provide a rotating satellite office on Michigan State’s campus until Election Day. For the first time in Michigan State history, the city of East Lansing will provide a rotating satellite office on campus for MSU’s students. In recent years, satellite offices have become common, but voting on MSU’s campus has an update in 2022. “This is the first year we’ve done a rotating satellite office,” said poll worker Amy Gordon.

Half of Eat Lansing library’s funding is on line in election

A 10-year millage renewal for the East Lansing Public Library will be on the ballot Nov. 8.

Kristin Shelley, library director, explained the significance of the mill citizens vote on.“One mill alone won’t even pay our payroll,” Shelley said. 

Shelley noted this election’s mill is an operating millage. “It pays for staff, programs, the collection, maintenance and facilities of this building. And most recently we were able to replace the front sidewalk, and install a brand-new HVAC system. That is all thanks to millage money.” 

Man cooks at flat top grill

East Lansing bagel shop innovates with menu, late shift

A.J. EvansJared Andrews, at the new East Lansing GoodFellas Bagels, learned about their popularity from all the students who came to the store’s Lansing location. In East Lansing, a new restaurant is doubling as a morning and late-night hotspot. GoodFellas Bagels Deli, a new restaurant on Albert Avenue in the same strip as the popular HopCat and El Azteco, is working to become one of the most accessible places in East Lansing. 

Following the opening of the first GoodFellas Bagels Deli in January of 2020, owner Adrian Joseph kept his brand-new business afloat through a time where businesses were shuttered, particularly in the food industry. After working through the pandemic, Joseph began to notice a growing trend. “At the location in Lansing, we started to notice a pretty large influx of MSU students that would come there on weekends, and throughout the week,” Joseph said.