Meet three projects in Lansing that turn a blue Christmas into a jolly white Christmas!

More than half of Americans struggle to afford Christmas gifts. According to a poll by The Associated Press, 57% say paying for presents for their families during the holiday season is hard. However, many initiatives are out there to help people in need during these times. In Lansing, Shawna Ainsworth and Payne Farm’s “Brightening Christmas,” Salvation Army’s “Brighten the Holidays,” and South Brook Villa Senior Living prepping gifts for their Christmas party are local aids that stand out. 

Grove and Burcham’s rezoning was denied. That may not be the end of this dispute

East Lansing City Council denied Hagan Realty’s rezoning plan for properties on the 700 block of Grove Street in September 2023. The proposal would have changed the neighborhood structure since it would increase the density of the housing options. Hagan reality was “disappointed by the result,” but they aren’t giving up new projects for that area.