Knight First Amendment Institute questioning digital border searches

Digital searches and discrimination are surfacing as citizens and non-citizens are being searched at the U.S. border. The Knight First Amendment Institute of Columbia College is suing the U.S. Department of Homeland Security over the practice. The Knight First Amendment Institute suspects that Homeland Security is stopping and searching travelers who have Muslim names on their documents. A red flag was raised when Homeland Security refused to hand over the list of who is stopping at the border. “If it is the case that people of the Muslim faith or with Muslim sounding names are getting different treatment, that could be a constitutional problem because it could be seen as a way of the government being in favor of those who are not Muslim,” said Okemos attorney and First Amendment expert John Fraser.

MSU Muslim students seek more places to pray and reflect on campus

Imagine choosing between completing a moral duty in public or ignoring the duty for the sake of security and safety. A choice that many non-Muslims may not understand. A choice that Muslim student Batoul Sadek faces when deciding whether to pray in a public space on Michigan State University’s campus or to ignore the number one commandment given by God. God commands reciting from the Quran five times a day, and three of those prayers usually occur during work and class schedules for Sadek. Sadek’s favorite study spot is at the MSU library and chooses to pray within the rows of book shelves or privately next to her desk.

woman wearing a headscarf

Muslim women reveal the truth about hijabs

It is a big decision for Muslim women to begin wearing a hijab. It’s an outward declaration of religious affiliation and it can come with stigmas. Mahbuba Fidda, an MSU Law Library assistant who is Muslim but chooses to not wear a hijab made a point that Islamic women are not the only individuals who cover their heads. Jews, Christians, Hindus and many other religions practice similar forms of modesty. “To me, religion is inside, between you and God.