MSU’s #GoTeal campaign localizes #MeToo movement

2017 was the year women showed the world just how strong they have been behind closed doors, and this action continued in 2018. Leading into 2018 we learned that many people’s beloved “TV father,” Bill Cosby, was nothing like the character he portrayed on telelevsion in real life. In the winter and spring of 2015, dozens of women found the courage, some after nearly 30 years, to publicly announce that they had been sexually assaulted, drugged, and raped by Cobsy. The numbers were astonishing. According to RAINN, the vast majority of people who commit sex crimes do not go to jail.

From zero: How to build a Chinese radio station in Michigan

Jieyu started her Chinese radio station four months after she moved to Michigan from Canada in 2015. She started it all by herself and last year, she rented an office and renovated it as a radio studio. Jieyu focused on the stories that happened in the Chinese community in Michigan, and also broadcasted news from U.S. and China to make Chinese immigrants who have American citizenship more politically involved. Besides radio and TV shows, she tried to host offline non-profit events like C4H (Cook for Homeless) and Chinese Story Time. C4H is an event in which Chinese families can cook once per month and serve food for homeless people in Michigan.

Project Pink: Student organization donates hygiene products to homeless women

Project Pink is a student organization dedicated to providing feminine health and hygiene products to homeless women in the Detroit and Lansing areas. The organization was created in October 2017 by Michigan State University students Dominique Jackson and Sydni Singler. “We realized that they’re so many women who lack the access to basic feminine care products. We realized that we should play our part and actually give back,” Jackson said. According to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, lack of access to health care is a major issue impacting homeless women, with 73 percent of homeless individuals reporting at least one unmet health need.

MSU and Vietnam: A dark chapter of the school’s history

After World War II, the political world was split between Communists aligning with the Soviet Union and anti-Communists aligning with the United States. During the resulting Cold War, these two countries fought over influence in conflicts around the globe. For instance, the U.S. government attempted to bolster anti-Communist efforts in Vietnam by providing resources and support to the South Vietnamese government. This support eventually escalated into military intervention during the Vietnam War. Michigan State University had an early but important role in Vietnam.

The little-known history of Malcolm X in Lansing

“The most disrespected woman in America is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman.”
When Beyonce performed at Coachella last week, she included one of the most famous Malcolm X quotes from “Who Taught You to Hate Yourself” in her historic performance. Unlike this well-loved and viral performance, few people know that Malcolm X was a resident of Lansing during his teenage years – in fact, he still has family who live in the Lansing area. MSU assistant professor of history John Aerni-Flessner didn’t know much about Malcolm X’s life in Lansing until he moved here.

Lansing’s rejuvenating art scene

Lansing has always appreciated art from local artists, whether that is music, film, or painting and sculpting. There are plenty forms of art that cover the area. Lansing is full of passion and creativity. With on-going art renovations in East Lansing, REO Town, Old Town, and on Michigan State University campus, Lansing may be viewed artistic, once again. Downtown East Lansing
Downtown East Lansing has a few art pieces throughout the downtown area.

“If you wanna know me, ask!” Chinese student organization deals with cultural stereotypes

On April 7, Humans of East Lansing, a Chinese student-run media platform that explores stories in the community, hosted an event titled “If you wanna know me, ask!” at the East Lansing Public Library. The purpose of this event was to break barriers and misunderstandings between community groups. The event divided people into four roundtables and invited people from various cultural backgrounds to talk to each other.  



“Just don’t be afraid to learn about other people and ask about what other people are interested in.

Lansing becomes fourth Michigan area to offer Uber Eats delivery service

LANSING – Uber has taken its freelance-driver service a step further by helping hungry customers receive food from over 50 area restaurants. Customers can now use the same Uber account they use to hail rides to customize food delivery and track their orders. Uber Eats in Lansing is offering delivery to neighborhoods including East Lansing, Waverly, Southside, MSU and Okemos.  

The app is free to download and is user-friendly just like the ride portion of Uber’s business. Customers pick a participating restaurant, choose their meal, type in the delivery address, pay with a card on file, and receive their meal within the time provided.

Reclaim MSU seeks to amplify community voices amid Nassar scandal

Reclaim MSU is an advocacy group of students, faculty, staff and members of the community founded to address issues surrounding the Larry Nassar scandal. I talked with three members of Reclaim MSU to learn about their experience with group and the future of the organization. Katie Paulot is a James Madison College freshman majoring in comparative cultures and politics with dual major in anthropology in the College of Social Science. She is the secretary and social media coordinator for Reclaim MSU. Samuel Klahn is a junior at James Madison College majoring in comparative culture and politics and another major in the College of Arts and Letters.