Monica Schafer wins new Ingham district by 18 votes

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Republican candidate Monica Schafer is the newly elected Ingham County District 15 commissioner with 5,078 votes, just 18 votes over Democratic candidate Brooke Locke.

“Especially in such a close race, I feel very honored that I was chosen to represent District 15,” Schafer said. “It is big shoes to fill, … but I will work hard to fulfill those shoes to make sure that the district is taken care of in the same care, the same compassion and the same timeliness.”

Over 10,500 ballots were cast for the newly formed District 15. It includes Williamstown, Williamstown Township, Leroy Township and Locke Township.

Schafer will officially take office on Jan. 2 as one of three women on the board.

District 13 Ingham County Commissioner Randy Schafer, not related to Monica, said, “She’ll bring that perspective to women’s health, the health department and services like that. … With her business background, agriculture and engineering, she’s really attuned and will be an excellent representative of the district.”

Locke will continue to serve the community as a real estate agent at Keller Williams Lansing.

Locke said, “Sometimes the results aren’t what we want, but I think it’s important to accept the results as they are — to accept the voice of the people and look to see what your next step is. Some days it’s not your day, it’s not your time, but I believe everything happens in the time frame that it’s supposed to. So, never take a defeat as a closed door, take it as an opportunity for what was meant to be.”

Nine commissioners ran for reelection and all were reelected to shift to the newly reformed districts with the formation of District 15.

Three districts elected  Republican commissioners including Districts 1, 2 and 15. Democrats won the remaining 12 districts.

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