Michigan has 43 stores on ATF list for selling the most guns used in crimes

CRIME GUNS: Dozens of Michigan businesses are on a national list of stores that sell the most guns used in crimes, highlighting what gun control advocates say is an unaddressed part of violence prevention. Many are in Metro Detroit and the Grand Rapids and Flint areas, including one in Wyoming. We talk to an ex-ATF agent affiliated with a Crimestoppers group in Genesee County and with two gun control advocacy groups. By Theo Scheer. FOR DETROIT, GREENVILLE, WKTV AND ALL POINTS.

Michigan lags in preventing tobacco use but more funds, new laws could change that

TOBACCO MONEY: Michigan isn’t doing well in its anti-tobacco initiatives and spending, the American Lung Association says. The governor wants to boost spending, and some lawmakers want tighter controls over the sale of tobacco products. We talked to Health & Human Services, the Michigan unit of the American Cancer Society and an East Lansing lawmaker. Includes references to anti-tobacco programs by groups in Detroit and Grand Rapids and legislators from Metro Detroit and Flint. By Liz Nass. FOR DETROIT, GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS, GREENVILLE, LANSING CITY PULSE, WKTV AND ALL POINTS.

Republican Sen. Jonathan Lindsey of Allen.

Some lawmakers eye ban on gender-affirming medical care

TRANSGENDER HEALTH: Some Michigan lawmakers would like the state to follow Ohio in restricting gender-affirming medical care. Among them are legislators from Clare, Oxford, Allen, Brighton and Niles. The ACLU calls such a proposal cynical and political and argues that it would interfere with the right of individuals and families to make their own medical decisions. By Sophia Ceru. FOR LANSING CITY PULSE, CLARE, DETROIT, FOWLERVILLE, STURGIS, THREE RIVERS, HILLSDALE AND ALL POINTS.

Danielle Atkinson is the founding director of the advocacy group Mothering Justice

Supreme Court to rule soon on case about minimum wage for tipped workers

TIPPED WAGES: A looming state Supreme Court decision could reinvigorate efforts to raise Michigan’s minimum wage and equalize it for restaurant and bar employees who receive tips. The issue is whether the Legislature acted unconstitutionally when it used an adopt-and-amend strategy to keep a citizen initiative off the ballot. We hear from Mothering Justice, a Detroit group that favors a higher minimum wage, and Save MI Tips and the Small Business Association of Michigan, which oppose it. For news and business sections. By Owen McCarthy. FOR GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS, CORP! LANSING CITY PULSE, DETROIT, TRAVERSE CITY, PETOSKEY, HOLLAND, MANISTEE, CADILLAC AND ALL POINTS.

Aaron Kinzel is a lecturer in criminal justice studies at the University of Michigan-Dearborn and the co-founder of the nonprofit Second Chance Battalion.

Programs help convicts clear their records, find jobs

CLEAN SLATE: Michigan’s Clean Slate initiative has automatically set aside 1,394,000 convictions for around 907,000 ex-offenders, State Police figures show. An upcoming expungement fair is scheduled for Detroit. We talk to the co-founder, from Monroe County, of a nonprofit group, the executive director of Safe & Just Michigan and a criminal justice professor at Northern Michigan University. Includes reference to U-M. By Anish Topiwala. FOR MONROE, DETROIT, MARQUETTE, SAULT STE. MARIE, BAY MILLS, IRON MOUNTAIN AND ALL POINTS.

New criminal laws aim to combat ethnic intimidation

ETHNIC INTIMIDATION: New hate crime laws pushed by the attorney general and a West Bloomfield legislator are intended to reduce ethnic intimidation and protect groups such as the Amish. We hear about a recent attack by a Clare resident on an Amish family in Manistee County and talk to two experts on crimes and harassment against the Amish. Many of Michigan’s Amish live in Hillsdale, Lenawee, Branch, St. Joseph, Oscoda and Calhoun counties. By Sophia Ceru. FOR LUDINGTON, CLARE, LANSING CITY PULSE, HILLSDALE, BLISSFIELD, CLARE, ADRIAN AND ALL POINTS.

Rep. Matt Koleszar, D-Plymouth, supports more state oversight of homeschooling.

Proposed homeschooling registration sparks protests

HOME SCHOOL SAFETY: A state Education Department proposal to require homeschooling parents to register their children is sparking protests. The department says the change is intended to protect the safety of those students, but homeschool advocates counter that it’s a ploy to funnel more state aid to public schools and an intrusion on family privacy. We hear from homeschool promoters, including two from Grand Traverse County, and lawmakers from Plymouth and Livonia. By Liz Nass. FOR TRAVERSE CITY, LEELANAU, DETROIT AND ALL POINTS.

10 largest grants awarded this year to nonprofits for programs to help low-income residents join the job market. Source: Department of Labor and Economic Growth.

State grants to community nonprofits aim to help job seekers succeed

REENTRY GRANTS: Nonprofits based in Saginaw, Holland and Grand Rapids are among those receiving state grants worth $14.4 million for programs to help ex-inmates find and retain jobs. We talk to those two groups, the director of the Department of Labor and Economic Growth and an organization advocating more alternatives to incarceration. References to Montcalm, Alpena, Iron, Cheboygan, Marquette, Oakland, Midland, Chippewa, Wayne and Monroe counties. By Theo Scheer. FOR HOLLAND, MIDLAND, GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS, CORP! GREENVILLE, WKTV, IRON MOUNTAIN, SAULT STE. MARIE, MIDLAND, CHEBOYGAN, DETROIT AND ALL POINTS.

Sen. Jeremy Moss of Southfield

Bills would boost state funding to townships, address Great Recession cuts

TRUST FUND: Townships are pushing for a revenue sharing and trust fund change in state aid that would put them on more even footing with cities, counties and villages. The legislation has passed the House and is awaiting Senate action over opposition from lawmakers from Three Rivers, Charlevoix, Milford and Oxford. We hear from the Michigan Townships Association, the Ishpeming Township supervisor and a Southfield senator. References to Saginaw, Rochester and Rochester Hills. By Alex Walters. FOR DETROIT, THREE RIVERS, MARQUETTE, MIDLAND, PETOSKEY, CHEBOYGAN AND ALL POINTS.