Redrawn districts shake up 2022 election race for Holt candidates

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These maps show the difference between boundaries of the old Michigan 23rd Senate district on the left, and the new Michigan 21st district on the right. 

DELHI TOWNSHIP, Mich.  – Candidates for the 2022 elections representing Holt-Delhi Township are preparing for the first election cycle since the most recent redistricting in 2020.

“Michigan has non-partisan districting for the first time in its history,” said Curtis Hertel, Jr., current senator from Michigan’s 23rd Senate district. 

“My seat, which was a solidly Democratic seat and gerrymandered so as many Democrats as possible would be packed into one district, has shifted into two districts.”

Delhi Township, once part of the 23rd Senate district, now belongs to the 21st Senate district, which includes most of Lansing, southern and eastern Ingham County, and all of Eaton County.

 The new district is less Democratic-leaning than the old 21st district, with Eaton County narrowly voting for Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020. 

With Senator Hertel unable to run due to term limits, the race for the open 21st Senate district seat is between Democrat Sarah Anthony, who currently serves as the representative from the 68th Michigan House of Representatives district, and Republican Nkenge Robertson. 

Senator Hertel stated his optimism about Representative Anthony’s success in the Senate race despite the change in voter base.

 “She should win,” Hertel said. “The numbers are solidly on her side.”

Representative Anthony expressed that she’s the right person to bring together the people of the 23rd Senate District.

 “The 23rd District is a mix of urban, suburban and rural communities, and in many ways their views are very different from each other,” Anthony said. “I think it’s going to be a very difficult task, but I think I’m up for the challenge.”

Senator Hertel expressed that Representative Anthony was ready to take on the fight for the Senate seat. “She’s been a fighter in the House,” Hertel said.

The left image shows the old Michigan 67th House of Representatives district, while the right image shows the new Michigan 74th House of Representatives district. Much of the rural population has been moved to other districts, while urban and suburban portions of Lansing were gained.

Kara Hope has been representing Delhi Township as part of the Michigan 67th House of Representatives district, but is running to represent Delhi in the 74th district in 2022 due to the districting changes. 

The 74th district includes much of south Lansing and Delhi, whereas the portions of southeast Ingham County that were part of the 67th district have been allocated to other districts.

The 74th House district has seen a demographic shift in the opposite direction from the 21st Senate district. 

“I’ve gone from a mixed rural, urban and suburban district to just an urban and suburban district, so that’s a big change,” Hope said. “Along with that change, this district became much more favorable to Democrats.”

Representative Hope, who won her previous election by a nine-point margin, stated that the increased Democratic voter base has changed how she’s running her election campaign. 

“Right now we’re focused on turnout, whereas in previous elections, we focused more on persuading folks,” Hope said. “Now, it’s a 67% Democratic district, so it’s more about making sure people go out and get their ballot in on time.”

Hope also expressed her support for Representative Anthony’s campaign for the 21st Senate district.

 “She’s an outstanding public servant,” Hope said. “I look forward to having her serve this area as state senator.”

For information on where to find your polling location, follow the link to the Michigan Voter Information Center here, to search for your location using your voter information or driver ID. 

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