Lansing homelessness rates continue to increase, despite state decrease

LANSING, Mich.—There are at least 515 unhoused people in Lansing on any given night, according to a report from The National Allegiance To End Homelessness. Organizations like City Rescue Mission of Lansing and The Congregation of Every1 (COE) show that it takes a lot of people to help a lot of people. 

“Last year, we provided 365 meals every day. So that’s a little over 133,000 meals last year,” said Laura Grimwood, senior director of community engagement at The City Rescue Mission. For 113 years, The City Rescue Mission of Lansing has prided itself on providing “food, shelter, and hope” to those who need it most. They have a number of locations that offer a variety of services, such as a dining room on Michigan Avenue that offers food to anyone who may need it, a men’s shelter, a women’s shelter and The Outreach, which is designed to help individuals who may struggle in a typical shelter environment.

Lansing Lions fans prove pride isn’t only about geography or records

The Lions still remain one of only four teams who have never made it to the Super Bowl. Their 2023 season was the closest the team had come to a championship win since 1991, falling only three points short of the Super Bowl. 

Despite their playoff loss, their fandom only seemed to grow in Detroit and other Michigan cities like Lansing. A fanatic sports town and college town, Lansing has some of the most passionate sports fans in Michigan. One Michigan State alumna Lindsey Fish has always considered herself a big sports fan, but she has recently become an even bigger Lions fan with this winning season.

Former Lansing School District employee speaks out on racism accusations

Keys. Laptop. Badge. These were the three items Claude Hogan was unsuspectingly ordered to hand over the day he was placed on administrative leave. 

This came as a shock to Hogan, who was the supervisor for a student athletic development program and has worked at the Lansing School District, or LSD, since 2015. All he was told was that he had breached a policy.

Equine Learning Center promotes inclusive equine-assisted services for Lansing

ECL, originally the Beekman Therapeutic Riding Center, was founded by John Breaugh in 1979. Breaugh was the former principal of Beekman Center, the special education center next door to ECL. A welcome gate separates the indoor arena from the horse stables at the Equine Center for Learning on Nov. 27. The horses are led from their outside stables to the indoor arena for riding lessons during the weekday afternoons and evenings.

First Krampusnacht festival brings crowds to Old Town

A haunting celebration of old European folklore filled the streets of Old Town on Dec. 9 with the city’s first-ever Krampusnacht Parade. Krampusnacht, or Krampus Night, is a central and Eastern European holiday, traditionally celebrated on Dec. 5 or the following Saturday. The streets of Old Town were filled with many colorful depictions of Krampus, a horned, half-goat, half-man version of Saint Nicholas, who punishes naughty children, while Saint Nicholas rewards the good children. 

Lansing Human Relations Department promotes National Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week with Community Connect event

Lansing’s Human Relations and Community Service Department (HRCSD) hosted its Community Connect event at the Capital Area Transit Authority (CATA) downtown transportation center as a part of National Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week. HRCSD has been doing this outreach event for the homeless for some years now but this is their second year holding the event at the CATA center to accommodate the increase in attendees. 

Lansing School District Still Struggling with Transportation Issues Amidst Driver Shortage

The Lansing Public School District has been working through transportation issues due to bus driver shortages and although improving, there is still much work to do. “If anyone wants to be a bus driver, please let us know,” Superintendent Benjamin Shuldiner said at a recent school board meeting. At the beginning of each board meeting, Shuldiner lists the amount of gas cards, Capital Area Transportation Authority passes and Dean Transportation sign ups as well as the number of people on the waitlist. This October meeting was no different. As of Oct.