Okemos School Board Meeting: Assistant Superintendent Unveils Academic Insights and Student Success Strategies

By Camila Bello

Oct 27, 2023

The scheduled bi-monthly evening meeting of the Okemos Board of Education took place Oct. 23 at the Administration Center. All board members were in attendance as Assistant Superintendent Stacy Bailey commenced the evening agenda by delivering the first assessment data for the school district for the current academic year. Since 2019, Bailey has served as the assistant superintendent for instruction at Okemos Public Schools. Prior to this role, she accumulated nearly seven years of experience working at Tecumseh Public Schools.

East Lansing High School principal sets a vision for the new school year

The East Lansing Board of Education held a meeting Oct. 23 to review goals put in place. 

Ashley Schwarzbek, the new head principal for the 2023-2024 school year, follows former East Lansing High School principal Shannon Mayfield. Schwarzbek is not new to the school though, she began as associate principal in January of 2020. Following public comment, she spoke on goals for this year. “We kind of distilled down into these three buckets to say what are the main focuses that we want to have here at the high school this year in order to really make sure we have a fantastic year,” Schwarzbek said.

Logo of the state’s OK2SAY program

Schools aim for better safety

SCHOOL SAFETY: School districts are taking measures to enhance safety and prevent violence in their buildings in the aftermath of shootings, including the state’s worst one at Oxford High School in Oakland County. We hear from the St. Ignace superintendent, the Michigan School Business Officials and the OK2SAY program. By Brandy Muz. FOR ST. IGNACE, SAULT STE. MARIE, MARQUETTE, CHEBOYGAN, DETROIT AND ALL POINTS.

Struggle bus: districts trying to fill driver seats

SCHOOL BUS: School districts across the state are in the midst of a continuing shortage of bus drivers, and some are offering higher pay and benefits to attract applicants. The Michigan Association for Pupil Transportation explains why. The Mecosta-Osceola Intermediate School District managed to fill its positions this school year. By Brandy Muz. FOR BIG RAPIDS, LAKE COUNTY AND ALL POINTS.

Michigan struggles to fill public bus driver positions

DRIVER SHORTAGE: The pandemic, low wages and stringent drug and alcohol testing are driving an ongoing shortage of bus drivers, who are usually older workers. We talk to the head of the Michigan Public Transit Authority and Kalamazoo Metro Transit about efforts to raise pay and ease drug and alcohol testing. Other systems with shortages include DDOT in Detroit, SMART in Southeast Michigan, Grand Rapids and Lansing. By Brandy Muz. FOR CORP!, GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS, LANSING CITY PULSE, WKTV AND ALL POINTS.

Schools work to improve lagging test scores

MSTEP: Spring 2023 achievement scores of elementary school students on the MSTEP across Michigan rose after a large dip a year earlier., according to the state Education Department. We talk to officials in the Big Rapids and Baldwin districts. By Brandy Muz. FOR BIG RAPIDS, LAKE COUNTY AND ALL POINTS.

Schools again offer free meals to all students

SCHOOL MEALS: Free breakfasts and lunches are now available to all students, regardless of family income, at participating public school districts. The state has budgeted $160 million to offer the meals this year, and experts say children with full bellies learn better. Officials at the Holt and East Lansing schools, Michigan Education Association and state Department of Education discuss. By Brandy Muz. FOR LANSING CITY PULSE, DETROIT AND ALL POINTS.