Lansing, East Lansing work to get online education right

Kendra Freeman doesn’t know what she should do. When the Lansing School District decided on July 17 it would move to fully virtual learning for the first marking period between Aug. 31 and Nov. 6, Freeman, a mother of a 9th grader and kindergartner, was left wondering how she was going to make it work. “It has been very tough as far as moving online,” Lansing School District parent Kendra Freeman.

Faculty’s help saves students’ summer

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an immense impact on many students across the country, especially those at Michigan State. One change that has affected students involves their internships moving remote or having their offers completely rescinded due to the pandemic. This obstacle, however, didn’t stop faculty at Michigan State to set students up with alternatives for their summer plans. Summer with some hope

MSU faculty tends to help students looking for summer work every year, but with COVID-19 happening, some faculty members stepped up in the process. Karin Hanson, the director of employer relations and communications for the Career Service Network, is a part of a team that sets students up to attain internships.

Schools cited for improved financial aid applications

The state has cited high schools in Niles, Ann Arbor and Hazel Park as top performers in improving their students’ FAFSA completion rates. Regional winners include schools in Chippewa, Otsego, Ingham and Clinton counties. FAFSA is essential to get college financial aid. We talk to principals and a counselor about the importance of one-on-one help to students. By Joshua Valiquette.

How does the 2020 census affect Michigan schools?

State officials are pushing residents to complete their census forms. The results are important for allocating aid to public and private schools in the state, including money for special education, Head Start and breakfast and lunch programs. We hear from the state Education Department, a Marquette legislator, the state census director and the MEA. By Joe Dandron.

College students falling through gap in federal stimulus program

There’s a gaping hole in the federal stimulus package, and college students are falling through it. If they’re 17 to 24 and claimed as dependents for tax purposes by their parents, they won’t get a $1,200 check and their parents won’t receive the extra $500 allotted per dependent. We speak to students and parents from Grand Rapids, East Lansing, Ypsilanti, University of Michigan and Michigan State, as well as an MSU economist. By Taylor Haelterman.

Small colleges may feel the pain of pandemic as finances, enrollment could take hits

Private colleges in Michigan are wrestling with challenges as they recruit and prepare for their incoming first-year students. Many have cancelled in-person summer orientation, for example, and there are worries that some students will opt to delay college or go to less expensive public institutions because of the pandemic’s impact on their family finances. We talk to officials at Hope and Aquinas and an MSU expert, with references to Calvin and Central Michigan University. By Joe Dandron.