Denim and Diamonds: Perfect pairing for DeWitt elementary schools

After a two-year hiatus due to the coronavirus, parents, teachers and community members returned to the Banquet & Conference Center of DeWitt on Nov. 5 for the DeWitt Elementary PTA’s long-running Denim and Diamonds fundraiser. 

The evening consisted of silent and live auctions, a ticketed game of Heads or Tails and the Lucky Diamond necklace raffle – all to raise money for the area’s elementary schools.

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Dual candidate Clay Coey loses 2 races in one day

Clinton County’s election results show Clay Coey, a candidate for board member of DeWitt Public Schools and the DeWitt City Council lost both races.

Angelina M. Barnes, Dwight D. Handspike and John F. Tramontana won the School Board seats, with 3,914, 3,644 and 3,190 votes respectively. The City Council will welcome newcomer Mark E. Kellogg, who earned 1,367 votes. Kellogg will work alongside successful incumbent candidates Denise Donohue, who won 1,350 votes, and Jennifer Whitman with 1,551.

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Seeing double? Meet Clay Coey, running for two offices on Nov. 8

If you live in the City of DeWitt, there are 81 names on your ballot for the Nov. 8 election. Eighty are unique.

That’s because Clay Coey, a 13-year DeWitt resident, has a stake in both the City Council and School Board races. Such an occurrence is rare enough that Coey, who has worked in campaigns since the ’90s, had to check if a dual candidacy is legal.