Dual candidate Clay Coey loses 2 races in one day

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Clinton County’s election results show Clay Coey, a candidate for board member of DeWitt Public Schools and the DeWitt City Council lost both races.

Angelina M. Barnes, Dwight D. Handspike and John F. Tramontana won the School Board seats, with 3,914, 3,644 and 3,190 votes respectively. The City Council will welcome newcomer Mark E. Kellogg, who earned 1,367 votes. Kellogg will work alongside successful incumbent candidates Denise Donohue, who won 1,350 votes, and Jennifer Whitman with 1,551.

Coey’s dual candidacy was legal, as the offices are not incompatible, according to the Clinton County Clerk’s office.

Coey’s school board campaign platform included promoting parent involvement and public-board communication, while his City Council platform focused on financial oversight.

In a prior interview, Coey said “[Whether I] win, lose, or draw, no matter to me – I’m going to get up the next day and go back to work.”

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