We’re still answering the calls

Whether here in Michigan, or in Ledyard, a small town in southeastern Connecticut, emergencies don’t stop just because the rest of the world has stopped. “Whole COVID-19 virus has completely changed how the emergency services respond to emergencies, medical emergencies in particular,” Saccone said. The Gales Ferry Volunteer Fire Company has been Tony’s home away from home for 20 years. He’s been a firefighter for 40 years, spending some of other time as a firefighter on the Groton Naval Submarine Base. He’s survived Hurricanes Irene and Sandy, but he’s never seen anything like this.

Lots of snow, lots of preparation

In Michigan, it’s expected there will be a lot of snow come winter time. For Michigan State Infrastructure Planning and Facilities, it’s important to always be ready. MSU Facilities uses 63 trucks, plows and blades to clear campus roads and walkways on campus. The campus contains 57 miles of roadways, 115 miles of sidewalks and 28,000 parking spaces. During the winter, MSU Facilities will get news of an impending storm and they’ll load vehicles with brine road treatment, a mixture of salt and water.

A new holiday sale in East Lansing

Black Friday was a week ago, but Green Friday is this weekend. It’s East Lansing’s version of the holiday sale. “Got to get some Christmas shopping done,” said Michigan State sophomore and East Lansing resident, Abigail Ording. And that means shopping just in time for the holidays. “I was going to go down to Clever Clover because they just expanded the store, opened it up so I’m going to go check it out,” Ording said.

Michigan State College of Education receives high honor

Michigan State University’s College of Education has been recognized as the best education college in a global ranking, jumping three spots from last year. The Shanghai Global Ranking of Academic Subjects ranks over 1,800 universities world wide each year. The rankings are based on higher education research. MSU’s College of Education also ranks number one in the U.S. for elementary and secondary education, according to the U.S. News and World Report. It’s the 25th straight year for that honor.

Michigan State takes hockey underwater

The first snow arrived in East Lansing this week… that definitely means it’s not swimming season anymore, but now it’s time for hockey. But is it possible to put the two together, swimming and hockey? One club does just that at Michigan State University. “I looked at it and I said, ‘Wow, this is really bizarre, I’m going to do it,'” club Vice President Emily Nestle said.

Michigan State Madness opens up the season for the Spartan basketball teams

These fans have waited six months for one thing… Michigan State Madness. On this particular night, these fans waited in the cold for the mania that is Michigan State Madness. “I’m looking forward to meeting the men’s and women’s basketball teams,” Ferris State Graduate Lucas Wilkins said. Fans could meet the coaches and players, take photographs and get autographs as well.

East Lansing to vote for City Council

General elections in the U.S. will be held on November 5th. This is an off-year election, but will include some local elections in the Lansing area. Voters in East Lansing will be deciding on members of the East Lansing City Council. There are six candidates for three spots on the council. The term for city council lasts four years.

MSU hosts horse show

The annual Michigan Great Lakes International Draft Horse Show came to East Lansing October 17th through the 20th featuring hitching, pulling and riding. More than 600 horses showed at the MSU Pavilion with owners and horses alike coming from not only the U.S., but also Germany, England and Canada. The horses were judged in competition, showing off all kinds of skills. Those attending the event were also able to check out the horses behind the scenes. MGLI President, Aaron Rice, said that the draft horse has always been an important animal.

Michigan State partnered with the UN to research the importance of inland fisheries

There’s a global challenge to feed rural and poor populations. A new study, however, finds that there is a key source to help provide the proper nutrients to those communities that need it. “Inland fisheries are particularly important for some countries,” Abigail Bennet said. She helped research and find the power in freshwater fisheries around the world. “95 percent of the world’s inland fisheries production comes from developing countries,” Bennett said.