Michigan State Madness opens up the season for the Spartan basketball teams

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These fans have waited six months for one thing… Michigan State Madness.

On this particular night, these fans waited in the cold for the mania that is Michigan State Madness.

“I’m looking forward to meeting the men’s and women’s basketball teams,” Ferris State Graduate Lucas Wilkins said.

Fans could meet the coaches and players, take photographs and get autographs as well.

“Cassius Winston, he’s my guy,” Kikstra said.

“I love Cassius Winston, of course,” Matthew Bradlee and MSU alum said.

The men’s and women’s basketball teams brought the madness out. It featured performances by Quinn, a native to Detroit as well as an MSU alum.

“I want to see what Izzo does tonight. I’ve came like the last six years and like that’s my favorite part,” MSU freshman Evan Metz said.

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