Farmington and Walled Lake school districts consider resuming in-person class in K-5

On Monday, Governor Whitmer extended the statewide partial shutdown order until December 20, keeping many businesses and public facilities closed for the time being. However, because elementary schools were not included in this order, many school districts are actively trying to formulate plans to resume in-person classes. In Oakland County, the Walled Lake Consolidated School District and Farmington Public Schools are two districts on opposite ends of the spectrum, with WLCSD planning to transition to in-person learning quickly, while FPS has continuously delayed the return of students due to rising COVID-19 numbers in the community. 

Walled Lake Consolidated Schools

The home of Walled Lake Consolidated Schools,

located at 850 Ladd Rd., Building D., serves as the

meeting place for the Walled Lake Board of Education,

as well as the headquarters for district administrators. Credit: Lance Limbo

The Walled Lake Consolidated School District returned to in-person learning last month then paused given Whitmer’s orders. The district returned in November, paused and will return this Wednesday.

MSU faculty, students weigh in on Biden’s environmental plan

Carbon neutral by 2050

President-elect Joe Biden’s main goal in The Biden Plan is to stem climate change by reaching by 2050 carbon neutrality, which means emissions released are offset by being absorbed by an equivalent amount from the atmosphere. 

To help achieve this goal, the President-elect aims to have U.S. electricity production carbon-free by 2035. “It’s attainable, yes, I think it is, but there are many prohibiting factors that could prevent it from happening,” said Bruno Takahashi, a research director at MSU’s Knight Center of Environmental Journalism and associate professor in the School of Journalism. A prohibiting factor could be Congress should it become Republican-controlled. Next month, the country will find out the Georgia Senate runoff results, determining party control. Despite the prospect of future administrations reversing the advancements Biden will potentially make, Takahashi is optimistic that the carbon-free goal is still attainable by 2050.

Planning Commission approves bank proposal

The Meridian Township Planning Commission discussed plans for a new bank that if approved for rezoning will be located at the Meridian Mall in front of Macy’s. The proposal states the building will encompass 2,500 square feet, feature two drive-thru tellers and one ATM lane. The bank will also include 25 parking spots and two access driveways that will connect to the southside of Mall Drive. Construction will begin in 2021. 

The proposed location at 1982 Grand River Ave. Okemos, Michigan.

Young voters critical of election process

The President has been decided, but young voters are still talking about the presidential election. Undecided

“They should have known coming into this election the mail in ballots would be a lot more popular due to COVID-19,” said Aaron Ross, a Michigan State University student. “We should have been prepared and ready to receive and count each ballot properly and ensure everything is correct on time.” 

A ballot drop box location in Commerce Township. One of the many drop box locations in Oakland County that can be dropped in. Credit: Lance Limbo

Oakland University student Ethan Talampas agrees.

New large dog park opens in Meridian Township

The entrance to the Meridian Large Dog Park, located at 1990 Central Park Dr. in Okemos, is open to residents of the township and non-residents. Online registration is now available for Meridian Township’s dog parks, including a new off-leash large dog park. The new park, which opened in September, is located behind the mall at Central Park South. The large dog park is for dogs over 30 pounds, while the small dog park, which opened June 2019, is located at Nancy Moore Park at 1960 Gaylord C Smith Ct., East Lansing, is for dogs under 30 pounds. About 100 dogs registered for the large dog park and 250 registered for the small dog park, said Parks and Recreation Director LuAnn Meisner. 

Annual park fee

According to a press release, owners registering their dog will pay an annual fee to maintain the parks’ high standards.

Halloween at risk in local neighborhoods

Residents of Walled Lake, Michigan are spooked about a Halloween with the COVID-19 pandemic. Home to 7,000 residents, parents students and doctors are preparing for a safe holiday. Halloween and COVID-19

“Very interesting,” said Dr. Alka Jain when asked. “I have a 12-year-old (who) wants to go trick-or-treating, so we had to figure out a plan for her. Everyone is on a different spectrum with COVID-19.