One Book One Community strives to educate

For 18 years, East Lansing and Michigan State University have joined forces to provide to encourage its residents – permanent and temporary ones — to read. The One Book One Community committee selects a book for incoming Michigan State University freshmen and the local East Lansing community to read. “We meet once a week year-round and we discuss books, themes and programming,” said Kristin Shelley, the director of East Lansing Public Library, and on One Book One Community’s planning committee. “We are constantly reading and throwing titles out.”

This year, the committee decided to include the community in the selection process. “We narrowed it down to three books,” said Shelley.

Bogue Street protected bike lane pilot program approved by East Lansing City Council

A proposed bike lane on Bogue Street is inching closer to a reality, as the team behind the proposal updated members of the council at a meeting on July 16. The team behind the proposal presented at the Traffic Commission meeting the previous evening, on July 15, and presented to the council an update on the project, which has tentative installation date of mid-August. “We’re redoing the trail from Farm Lane to Bogue,” said project manager Tressa Wahl. “We studied it long and hard, and we came up with this solution, and that’s why we’re rolling with it.”

“We looked at a lot of other options, too,” said team member Robert Rayl, of RS Engineering, LLC, “and this was the safest one.”

A pilot program of a new bike lane on Bogue Street was approved and supported by council at the July 16 meeting. The team aims to complete installation mid-August, with an October removal.

CNS Budget, July 26, 2019

This is the sixth of occasional summer bonus budgets of environmental stories produced by our partner, Great Lakes Echo. They will move periodically through the summer.

A crack in the Great Lakes Compact? Diversion plan prompts pushback

A controversial plan to divert 7 million gallons of water a day from Lake Michigan to a proposed international electronics factory was recently uphelp. But that hasn’t ended opposition by environmental groups or settled worries that this is the first crack in a regional agreement to keep 21 percent of the world’s surface freshwater where it is now: within the Great Lakes basin.

Suffering surfing: Third coast surf swell not so swell

Record water levels are threatening Great Lakes surfing. They are swallowing some surfers favorite beaches and changing how the bottom of the lakes affect the water above. Still, some surfers say that the high water could make accessible previously unsurfable stretches of lake shore.

White pelicans extend their Great Lakes range

The American white pelican has established a nest-hold in western Lake Erie for the first time, with prospects of future territorial expansion into lakes Huron and Ontario, a new study says. With a 9-foot wingspan, it’s one of North America’s largest birds. Researchers have found nesting sites on two uninhabited islands on the Canadian side of the lake.

The Chesapeake Ghost Tours haunts tourists

The Chesapeake Ghost Tours host walking ghost tours year-round that cover the entire Eastern Shore. Each tour has special significance to the history of Chesapeake Bay  area. One of their popular tours is the Ocean City, Maryland, Inlet walk. From the inlet to fourth street, scary ghost encounters are explored in the 90-minute  walking tour. From the life -saving building and the haunted laughing Sally to the Trimper’s Amusement park right on the Ocean City boardwalk with the haunted carousel.

East Lansing: summertime in a ghost city

Whenever Michigan State University (MSU) is in session, East Lansing is full of life. You can see people walking on the streets and the main avenue, students all over the campus and movement all around town, just like in any other city you might visit. But today that is not the scene. Empty streets, stores and restaurants. That’s the picture in East Lansing in the middle of summer.

Chasing the Chilean dream in Michigan

Ivo Cerda is a Chilean soccer player that plays for the Lansing Ignite. Until last December, he studied engineering in the University of Michigan, but his talent gave him a chance in the USL League One. He already achieved his life dream of becoming a professional soccer player, but now his goal is to play in the MLS. All of this, far away from both home and the idea of superstars’ soccer players that dominates South America. This is the scene: they scored a goal and in the Cooley Law School Stadium, with half of its seven thousand seats empty, the crowd does not show a very Latin American commotion.