MSU Museum looking for volunteers

The MSU Museum is looking for docents, or volunteers, to lead group tours and explain artifacts and exhibits to visitors. The museum is a Smithsonian affiliate which means it has received its stamp of approval from the Smithsonian for being a good museum. They also trade specimens with each other throughout the year. Even though this is an unpaid position, it offers many educational benefits like access to the many educational books in the docent library, learning from the exhibits themselves, and working with children and other guests. “I’d like people to be outgoing, but mostly we’d like them to just be passionate.

MSU student killed at off-campus apartments, still under investigation

An MSU student was killed two weeks ago at an off-campus apartment complex and the incident is still under investigation. MSU senior, Isai Berrones, was shot at the 25 East Apartments located on Abbot Road a little before 3 a.m. on October 12th. The 22-year-old was involved in an altercation that turned into a fight and escalated to him being shot. He later died while being transported to the hospital. East Lansing police said the two groups involved have not been found, but they will continue to investigate.

MSU marching band holds down the fort at Sparty Statue

It may be considered the most important job during rivalry week and an exhausting one. The MSU Marching band safe guards the Sparty Statue all week long leading up to the big game. In years past, University of Michigan fans have vandalized the beloved-statue in the middle of the night. Sparty Watch is an annual tradition organized by members of band fraternity, Kappa Kappa Psi and each night they plan fun events to help pass the time. Coach Dantonio stops by annually to drop off pizza and to thank the band for their service to MSU.

As viewers cut the cord, HOMTV seeks new revenue streams

As government access television, HOMTV since its inception has provided content to the community. Through the broadcasts of government meetings and coverage of community events the station has provided information to the public. However, HOMTV now needs help from the community as it launched its sponsorship program. “We are launching, a soft launch if you will program sponsorship opportunities, so organizations, community members, businesses they can sponsor a HOMTV program to continue programming…” said Brandie Yates, HOMTV executive producer. Haslett, Meridian and Okemos television or as its better known by, HOMTV launched the program due to a loss of cable funding.

Voter turnout expected to be high in November

Mid-term elections historically have lower voter turnout than presidential election years but, this November 6th is expected to be different. Polls show this upcoming election is expected to have one of the highest voter turnout from young adults in decades. Meridian Township clerk, Brett Dreyfus, says one of the reasons is the candidates they were left to vote for in the November 2016 election. “Young people felt disenfranchised,” Dreyfus said. “Whether other people agree with that or not, young people were very dissatisfied with the choices presented to them during the November 2016 election.” 

Clerk Dreyfus thinks social media also plays a part.

Men’s basketball team given Big Ten Rings

At Michigan State Madness on Oct. 5, the men’s basketball team was called on stage to receive their Big Ten Championship rings. The men’s team earned their Big Ten Championship rings after winning the regular season title last year. The 2017-2018 team finished 16-2 in conference play and look to defend that title in an expanded 20 game Big Ten schedule this year. At the first practice of this season, Tom Izzo addressed who the leaders were this year.

Life Chain brings attention to abortion

On the first Sunday of October every year, thousands of individuals throughout the U.S. support millions of babies that are aborted with an hour of prayer. This year, they were on Grand River and Hagadorn holding up signs to protest, talking about how adoption is an underused option as an alternative to abortion. Members of the moment explained that a classroom of children get aborted everyday. Many believe that this is a problem in the United States, stating that its something worth fighting for. “A whole elementary school full of children are aborted every single week in Michigan, multiply that across the whole country, I think that is something that needs to change,” Life Chain member, Ed Rivet, said.

The flock is getting lighter

“This is like a gift for MSU students,” Antione Taylor, an MSU student, said. 

Students say Bird scooters are getting hard to find and there are a lot less zipping in-and-out of traffic on-campus. That’s because MSU Police have impounded at least 140 of these electric scooters. MSU Police Captain, Doug Monette, says the department is treating Birds like they would any other type of motor vehicle. 

“They can’t be driven on the sidewalks,” Monette said. “There has been situations where officers have educated people as well as enforcement.” The bike lanes are not a place for the scooters either. 

“The bike lanes are for bikes, not motorized vehicles,” Monette said.

Gretchen Driskell visits with MSU Democrats

Democratic congressional candidate, Gretchen Driskell, made a campaign stop on campus this week. Driskell is running against Michigan’s current congressman, Tim Walberg, in the 7th district. Walberg has been in office since 2011. Tuesday’s meet and greet with students was small and personal, which allowed plenty of time for questions. MSU isn’t in the 7th district, but Driskell said meeting college students and finding out what they care about is an important part of her campaign.