A new holiday sale in East Lansing

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Black Friday was a week ago, but Green Friday is this weekend. It’s East Lansing’s version of the holiday sale.

“Got to get some Christmas shopping done,” said Michigan State sophomore and East Lansing resident, Abigail Ording.

And that means shopping just in time for the holidays.

“I was going to go down to Clever Clover because they just expanded the store, opened it up so I’m going to go check it out,” Ording said.

The weekend after Thanksgiving and Black Friday, East Lansing holds “Green Friday” where downtown businesses open their doors to more sales. But some haven’t even heard of it.

“I mean deals are always cool, but I have never heard of it,” said Ording.

One of the shops participating for its first time is a music store called Flat, Black and Circular.

“It’s kind of local, trying to work with all the other stores in town,” said FBC owner Dave Bernath.

Bernath and his partner, Dick Rosemont, opened FBC 43 years ago.

“I’m buying them and turning them over, I’m paying a lot more than I used to,” Bernath said.

And it is still a busy time for them too.

“Especially the Saturday before Christmas, is usually the busiest of that season. I mean that Black Friday is good, but the few days before, everybody waits to the last minute to get their gifts,” said Bernath.

Green Friday isn’t as big as Black Friday just yet, but it has potential.

“We’ll see, it’s a new thing for us so if it works, cool,” Bernath said.

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