Lots of snow, lots of preparation

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In Michigan, it’s expected there will be a lot of snow come winter time. For Michigan State Infrastructure Planning and Facilities, it’s important to always be ready.

MSU Facilities uses 63 trucks, plows and blades to clear campus roads and walkways on campus.

The campus contains 57 miles of roadways, 115 miles of sidewalks and 28,000 parking spaces.

During the winter, MSU Facilities will get news of an impending storm and they’ll load vehicles with brine road treatment, a mixture of salt and water.

But the preparation starts long before winter.

“We start planning for snow in July, making sure all of our equipment is ready to go because we never know. There could be a freak snowstorm like this year, in the middle of November,” Matt Bailey, Landscape Services Manager said.

There are two new projects that the department could be incorporating soon: an automated snowblower and a new brine treatment are being tested, both are coming from the MSU College of Engineering.

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