Local produce stores aim to bring affordability to food deserts

The way food travels from farm to table is complex. The food that shoppers normally see in massive grocery stores is grown on large farms, harvested in large quantities, stored until it can be transported to market and finally sold in grocery stores. When the food supply chain is local, the process can become even more nuanced. Two stores in Lansing that promote local food production are The Eastside Lansing Food Co-op and Campbell’s Market Basket. 

Professor Alan Steinman is a water researcher at Grand Valley State University.

Salty groundwater in Michigan could hurt agriculture, business and homeowners

SALINITY: Rising salt levels in some Michigan groundwater is killing crops and tainting drinking water. The problem is especially severe in Ottawa County, which is closely monitoring the situation, and also of concern in Southwest Michigan and the Thumb. We talk to a Grand Valley State University researcher, Ottawa County’s director of strategic impact and a Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy expert. By Alex Walters. FOR HOLLAND, MICHIGAN FARM NEWS, MIDLAND AND ALL POINTS.

The Huron River at Kent Lake in Oakland County. The river is under a state Do Not Eat Advisory for all fish species.

Scientists alarmed by high levels of toxic forever chemicals in fish 

TOXICS IN FISH: Every fish studied in the Rouge River and Huron River watersheds contained at least one of a family of toxic and persistent health-threatening chemicals, say researchers at the Ecology Center in Ann Arbor and Indiana University. We also talk to experts at MSU and the EPA. By Ruth Thornton. FOR PLANET DETROIT, DETROIT, MONROE, MICHIGAN FARM NEWS AND ALL POINTS.

The 10 largest corn-growing counties

Corn farmers again reject assessment bump amid “bad timing” for industry

CORN VOTE: Corn growers have again rejected a bid to double their per-bushel assessment to support commodity-related research, promotion and lobbying. Lenawee, Saginaw and Sanilac are the biggest corn-growing counties. Allegan and Hillsdale are among the top 10. We talk to the Corn Marketing Program of Michigan and farmers from Greenville and Sherwood. By Alex Walters. FOR MICHIGAN FARM NEWS, BLISSFIELD, ADRIAN, COLDWATER, HOLLAND, HILLSDALE, GREENVILLE, IONIA, MONROE AND ALL POINTS.

Laurel Morano researches farming-related accidents at Michigan State University

Study offers new insights into farming-related injuries

FARM INJURIES: A new study provides more details on farm accidents in Michigan, information that may help avert future on-the-job industries. An MSU researcher, a Montcalm County farmer and the Michigan Farm Bureau discuss. By Theo Scheer. FOR MICHIGAN FARM NEWS, GREENVILLE, IONIA, WKTV, HOLLAND, LUDINGTON, CADILLAC, CLARE COUNTY, OCEANA COUNTY, HOLLAND, ALPENA, ALCONA, MONTMORENCY, MONROE, TRAVERSE CITY, CRAWFORD COUNTY, STURGIS, THREE RIVERS, GLADWIN COUNTY AND ALL POINTS.

City of Fenton searches for alternatives to expensive water softening process

The city of Fenton is in the process of cutting costs in the city’s water softening process. Water softening occurs when water treatment facilities use lime, or calcium hydroxide, to remove heavy metals and other excessive minerals that encourage scaling and algal blooms. In order to remove the lime, Fenton City Manager Lynn Maryland said the city has been considering new options, especially regarding transportation, which is the most expensive part of the water treatment process.

A DJI T40 spray drone.

High tech, AI, boost farm productivity, earnings

FARM TECHNOLOGY: New precision farming technologies, including AI, are making agriculture more efficient. We hear about it from a Farm Bureau board of directors member from Portland, two MSU researchers and the director of the state Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. By Anish Topowala. FOR GREENVILLE, IONIA, GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS, CORP! FARM NEWS, HOLLAND, OCEANA COUNTY AND ALL POINTS.

Rep. Kara Hope, D-Holt, is sponsoring legislation to tighten state oversight of labor contractors.

Advocates call for more protection of migrant farmworkers

FARMWORKERS: Advocates are calling for more protection for foreign temporary farmworkers with H-2A visas, who are essential to agriculture in the state. The Farm Bureau reports a jump in their numbers in Michigan. An Ottawa County blueberry farm is involved in a lawsuit accusing it of migrant labor law violations. We talk to the Farm Bureau, a Holt legislator and the Michigan Immigrant Rights Center, which has offices in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Detroit and Ann Arbor. By Owen McCarthy. FOR MICHIGAN FARM NEWS, HOLLAND, GREENVILLE, OCEANA, GRAND RAPIDS BUSINESS, CORP!, DETROIT, AND ALL POINTS.

Right to Repair bills still being debated in Michigan House

House Bill 4673, one of two “right to repair” bills currently being considered by Michigan legislators, is intended to make it easier for farmers and their independent mechanics to get access to parts, documentation and important software needed to restore the expensive machines back to full functionality.