Williamston Art Committee applies for grant to construct murals

The Williamston Art Committee has applied for a grant in the hopes of commissioning four welcome murals for the city. The city has wanted to execute an art project for a long time and may finally get their chance to do so. The city has already selected one of the four sites the murals will go. It will hear back on the awarding of the grant by March.

New indoor farmers market brings local products to Williamston

            Dan Kostecke keeps busy with his business, Guiding Light Garlic Farm, but felt like he wanted to do more to help local farmers. Over a year ago, he decided to open his first indoor farmers market, LFA Farmers Market, in Mason. Then in December, LFA Farmers Market & Micro Cafe came to Keller’s Plaza in Williamston. The LFA sells only locally sourced goods and products in this store in Williamston as well as its original location in Mason. Photo by Gia Mariano

LFA stands for Local Farm Alliance.

Williamston High School fights the vaping epidemic

Michigan made history as the first state to move toward a flavored nicotine vaping ban on Sept. 4, with other states like New York, Massachusetts and Oregon following shortly after. 

With an increase in vape-related deaths being reported across the nation, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) with the help of her Chief Medical Executive Dr. Joneigh Khaldun concluded that underage vaping constitutes as a public health emergency. 

Under Whitmer’s orders, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services issued rules detailing the ban, including the prohibition of flavored nicotine products in stores and online and misleading marketing strategies claiming the products are “safe.” Whitmer also ordered the Michigan Department of Transportation to outlaw vape advertisements on state billboards. 

Timeline of the 2019 Michigan vape ban. Graphic by Claire Heise. “As a governor, my No. 1 priority is keeping our kids safe,” said Whitmer in a statement on Sept.

Strength put to the test for Pancreatic cancer

Athletes went through a circuit of exercises including push ups, pull ups, deadlifts, and the rowing machine. Photo by Eli Atzenhoffer

Push ups, pull ups, deadlifts, and a trip on the rowing machine were in store for participants in the Push/Pull for Pancreatic Cancer event at Williamston Crossfit on Nov. 16. With music echoing through the building and the constant sound of weights hitting the ground, men and women of all ages went through rigorous circuits of exercise for a good cause. Twenty-eight athletes took their turn doing as many reps as possible for Project Purple, a nonprofit organization “created to raise awareness, support patients and families affected by the disease, and fund research efforts to defeat pancreatic cancer,” according to the organization’s website.

Fireworks Glass Studio brings the heat with glassblowing workshops

Upon arriving to the seemingly small store on 119 S. Putnam St. in Williamston, regulars and newcomers are greeted with a blast of hot air to the face. Past all sorts of decorative items like vases, plates, Christmas ornaments and bowls is the cause of all that heat; four furnaces, some of them with a core temperature of 950 to 2,000 degrees.  

This was the image that owner Dave Porter imagined when he opened Fireworks Glass Studio on Sept. 21, 2007 in what used to be an old candy store. Growing up, Porter’s father was a chemist, and a trip to his work one day some 50 years ago is what got him hooked on his lifelong passion.

Williamston’s Twisted Sugar Bakery offers sweet experiences

If you’re looking for an environment full of laughter, community, and yellow frosting, look no further than Williamston’s Twisted Sugar Bakery owned by Trish Adams.

Cookies at Twisted Sugar Bakery in Williamston. Photo by Emma Dowd. Adams is an entrepreneur and an expert baker. Her bakery is quaint and clean with light blue walls and an array of quirky baking quotes hung up that read ‘sprinkle kindness around like confetti’ and ‘eat cake for breakfast.’ Twisted Sugar offers homemade cookies and an array of lattes, coffee, and comically large milkshakes. Adams officially opened her bakery mid-September..

Williamston School Board discusses possible change to academic calendar

The school board met at the Williamston Elementary School instead of it’s usual location at the middle school. Photo by Eli Atzenhoffer

Could Williamston Community Schools be heading to a shorter summer break? Pump the breaks said Superintendent Adam Spina. “What we’re looking at discussing,” he said. “We are looking at a very reasonable way to chip a couple days maybe a week of summer break.”

The goal of the district’s change would not be to get rid of that week of summer but spread it throughout the rest of the school year giving breaks to staff and students.