An old train depot was repurposed as a museum in Williamston

Just down the road in the small town of Williamston, they turned an old train depot into a time capsule capturing the city’s history. The goal of the museum is to keep the history of the city living for generations to come. The people on the depot board receive artifact donations from the community to help tell the story of the city. Sue Neller, who moved to Williamston in 1964, is a member of the depot board. She said people think the museum is a bunch of old stuff like they have in grandma’s attic, but it is much more than that.

Damien Crutcher helping kids find music through Detroit Harmony

Damien Crutcher, an MSU graduate and current music professor at Wayne State University, is helping kids in Detroit who do not have access to musical instruments gain access through Detroit Harmony. Detroit Harmony is an initiative orchestrated by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, and it is just getting off the ground. Detroit Harmony is taking instrument donations from 22 drop-off points across the state of Michigan. The initiative plans to run for as long as there are kids in need of instruments. Crutcher said music opened up a whole new world for him as a young kid, and he hopes he can do the same for future generations.