Williamston residents sound off on COVID-19’s impact on governor’s race

Some residents in Williamston weigh in on whether Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s response to COVID-19 will impact her re-election bid in 2022. At the start of the pandemic when most states around the country mandated lockdowns, Michigan was one of the states to have the most strict and stringent protocols as some appreciated Whitmer’s efforts in keeping the community safe, some such as Williamston business owner Gary Cube, said she may have overstepped.

Williamston Public Schools hire school nurse

During the Williamston School Board of Education meeting, the board unanimously approved hiring Amanda Gailitis as the district’s new school nurse. 

This is the first school nurse Williamston Public Schools in the district’s history. 

“This is probably the quickest hiring process we’ve ever had,” said Spina. “That doesn’t mean it was rushed. We had found out we had received a grant to support this position, and we kind of figured why wait.”

Recently hired school nurse Amanda Gailitis speaks at Monday’s school board meeting. The board unanimously approved Gailitis as the school nurse. Video Credit: Williamston Community Schools Youtube Channel

Spina was uncertain about the hiring process due to the fact that this had been the first time in the entire school district’s history that they have been able to hire a school nurse. 

With the job position a competitive one, however, Spina found Gailitis as the best choice, describing her experience as one of the factors that set her apart. “One of the big things Amanda brings to the table is not only pediatric nursing experience but also six to seven years as a school nurse, said Spina.” “Having someone with that experience and can assist on how to element that role in effective and efficient matter is extremely important.” 

Gailitis’ office will be at Explorer Elementary but the position will circulate around the district. 

Board of Education President Nancy Deal said it was an exciting opportunity for the district.

A cut out of two farmers at the Best Maze Corn Maze. This is featured right outside the Corn Maze.

21 years later, Best Maze still stumps visitors

Mark Benjamin has been coming up and creating mazes since he was young, making it a lifelong passion. Benjamin, who owns and has been running Best Maze Corn Maze in Williamston for 21 years, says the enjoyment of building mazes started right in his own yard. 

“When I was a little kid, my parents’ house had a lot of big oak trees, and they would have a lot of leaves in the lawn each year,” said Benjamin. “So I would rake maze paths in their yard and play tag with all of the neighbor kids.”

Brendan BrumanA sign featuring the theme of the Corn Maze this year. Best Maze’s theme is based around Fairy Tales such as Cinderella and Peter Pan

Best Maze is known for very creative maze designs, with Benjamin being the mastermind behind them. 

Best Maze’s design this year is based around Fairy Tales such as Cinderella and Peter Pan, for Benjamin though, there’s one from the past that specifically sticks out in his mind as it even confused him. “We did a Pure Michigan one, that was the only maze that everytime I went through it at dark, it got me all twisted around, the maze designer actually got lost.” said Benjamin.