Williamston City Council says goodbye to city manager

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Williamston City Council, left to right, Daniel Rhines, Noah Belanger, Tammy Gilroy, Brandon Lanyon, Tommy Pratt, and Corey Schmidt.

This City Council meeting on November 8 was the last one for City Manager Corey Schmidt.

SuperIntendent Adam Spina was the first to speak during the public comment portion of the meeting to say goodbye and thank Schmidt. 

“I just wanted to convey … that on behalf of the staff and our district, how much we appreciate his leadership and his collaboration,” said Spina. “One of the awesome things about our community is how we all coalesce around working together to support the children that live here.”

Schmidt resigned to be able to spend more time with his wife and his children. The council approved on Sept. 27 Schmidt’s resignation. 

The position of City Manager is still vacant on the board and applications as well as interviews are underway.

City Council’s action item

In other news, the Water System Cross Connection Program asked for an agreement motion on a contract with hydrocorp. 

City Council board member Daniel Rhines motioned for the agreement to authorize a two year extension contract with hydrocorp and the Wimps and Water System Cross Connection Program. 

Along with the Professional Services Agreement, the council also discussed establishing a remote work policy, presented by treasurer Rachel Piner .

“This is something that we have been kicking around for about 18 months now,” said Piner. “We have staff who have been working remote since March 2020 on and off … and if we want to continue a remote work environment there should be a policy on book, so that there’s guidelines and expectations for those staff members.”

Rhines showed concern with section K of the written policy stating “employees will report work related injuries to their supervisors and interact with the goal.”

“I know at work [let’s] say, they trip coming into the building or whatnot that’s workman’s comp,” said Rhines. “How does that work if they trip over their living room rug at home, that’s not a workplace?” 

According to the Risk Management MMLrepresentative, employees can claim workers comp. Any injury during working duties, no matter what environment employees are covered under workers comp insurance, as long as it is reported immediately. 

After multiple delegations on the proposed policy, board member Tommy Pratt motioned for the Remote Work Policy.

Department head reports

Multiple department heads gave their reports. City Manager Corey Schmidt reported success moving forward in the community, Police Chief Jim Wolf.

Wolf reported on the police department as well as recent investigations

“As you may know we were involved in a couple of serious investigations this past week,” said Wolf. “15 hour work days for the guys really working hard on it, but they did a great job and we were able to take care of business.”

The Livingston County department of building and safety which handles Williamston’s permitting force. 

The council ended the meeting with discussions about the next City Council meetings as well as City Manager interviews. 

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