Williamston Wellness Center is now home to Elemental Acupuncture

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The Williamston Wellness Center located at 1235 E. Grand River Road houses Elemental Acupuncture, a new chiropractic and acupuncture office.

Elemental Acupuncture is a new business n the Williamston Wellness Center on East Grand River. Credit: Isabella Gorisek

Annie Hass the owner of Elemental Acupuncture rented, just a few months ago, her side of the building from Simone Ranes, a chiropractor who owns the Wellness Center.

“Annie came here, after the previous renter tore it down to nothing and made it into a doctor’s space,” said Ranes. “There’s three exam rooms with sinks in them, there’s a front desk, a waiting room, a nurses station, and a lab.” 

After working together in their previous jobs, Ranes left her institution in 2014 where she then rented her half of Williamston Wellness Center. In 2019, she and her husband bought the whole property and created her own chiropractic business. The property is three and a half acres, with gardens making up over half it. 

“In 2014 I was not looking to leave my current job, but she [Annie] was having problems at our current space, and she asked if I would look into somewhere in Williamston,” said Ranes. 

“I drove past this place everyday on my way to work, but I noticed a for lease sign, and I stopped in here one day. As soon as I walked through the doors, I felt everything do a 180. The gentleman that owned it, walked me out the back, and the two acres of gardens were exactly what I wanted.”

Ranes looked at the property on a Thursday and left her job the following Monday. Hass stayed at the previous location, but Ranes knew Annie would soon show up.

“I actually gave up on her, but a week later she called, and she finally showed up, and the space was perfect for her,” said Ranes. “I knew she usually runs two, sometimes three rooms at a time, and she would have her own space.”

Annie moved into the space, with tremendous help from Ranes who expressed much appreciation and love for the work that Annie does. 

“It was meant to be, I’m really glad to see her doing well, I had no doubts that she would do well, and we work well together,” said Ranes. 

Annie Hass, the owner of Elemental Acupuncture, started her own business and has had a successful start thus far. Credit: Isabella Gorisek

One of Ranes’ employee, Paige Kelly, loves what she does and who she works for. 

“I started maybe two months ago, but since I started it’s been the best thing for me,” said Kelly. “Dr. Ranes is an amazing boss, she really helps people, just a kindhearted person, and Annie is the same way, she’s super empathetic, very kind, very nice … There are so many massively talented people here, and it’s just a really impressive business honestly.” 

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