Old Nation brews beers and spirits in Williamston

Since June 2015, Old Nation Brewing Company has been bringing the people of Williamston together for an ice-cold beer that pairs with one of its many meal options. Along with the restaurant experience, Old Nation Brewing Company also distributes many beers that are brewed at their facility 1500 W. Grand River, including their M43 IPA that was released in December 2016.

Food bank supports those in need in Williamston

According to 2015 estimates by the US Census Bureau, 13.5% of Americans live below the poverty line.

“We probably feed about 320 people a month,” said Jill Cutshaw, the co-director of the Harold Larson Williamston Food Bank. “It’s usually around 85 families and we try and give people seven to 10 days worth of food, but they still struggle in other ways.”

With so many people struggling to make ends meet, the Harold Larson Williamston Food Bank is there to help.

Lead found in Williamston schools resolved

The Case

Williamston school district superintendent Narda Murphy said there is no longer any need to be concerned over the quality of water in Williamston schools. This spring, elevated levels of lead were found in a teacher’s lounge faucet in Williamston High School, a restroom drinking fountain in Explorer Elementary, a kitchen sink and seventh grade hall drinking fountain in Williamston Middle School and a maintenance garage bathroom sink. Water tested by Testing Engineers & Consultants on Feb. 13 contained lead levels above the threshold of 0.015 mg/L which is the Environmental Protection Agency’s level for action. The lead was from the faucets themselves, including the soldering and the welds the the infrastructure within the faucet.

Close-knit community creates local business haven in downtown Williamston

When he was younger, Justin McVay turned to games to bring him out of his shell. Video games did not require social interaction at the time but he found board and card games pushed him in a way to interact with people in a way he did not normally. But that did not bother him. In fact, it made him more social and happy. It was only natural for him to want to spread that joy to others, so he got the idea to open a gaming store.

Cracked: Williamston’s struggle for better roads

In Williamston, it’s no secret that the roads could be in much better shape. “The roads are terrible,” Williamston resident John Endahl said. “We’ve lived on [Middle] street for 30 years, and it is basically paved potholes. It’s been that way for about five years.”

As a bike rider, the potholes on Middle street have caused Endahl to drop his phone on the pavement multiple times. The dire shape of some of Williamston’s roads has no quick fix, according to City Manager Alan Dolley.

Williamston Township supervisor candidates disagree on budget, government services

Election Day is rapidly approaching and Williamston has several local elections on its ballot—among them is the Williamstown Township supervisor race. Incumbent Wanda Bloomquist (D) is seeking reelection and is challenged by retired Williamston police chief Howard Dahlstrom (R). The supervisor acts as the executive in the township government. According to the Williamstown Township website, some of the duties include: moderating board and annual meetings, acting as the township’s legal agent, appointing some commission members and developing the township budget. Township clerk Mark Steinberg said the race has high interest because of the two well-known candidates.