Williamston City Council sees ‘spirited’ back-and-forth, developments in city manager search

What was once a calm Williamston City Council meeting turned into a heated debate within the city hall chambers, pitting the Farmers’ Market Ad Hoc Committee and the Williamston City Council. A “spirited back-and-forth” is how the newly-minted council member Daniel Rhines described it. The Williamston Farmers’ Market is set to run for May 20 to Oct. 14. It’s an annual tradition many residents are fond of — including a number of council members.

Parent Information Night: Summer Camps


It might be cold outside, but the Williamston Parents Teacher Student Association (PTSA) is thinking about summer. The Williamston Elementary School PTSA Parent Information night, a supposed “one-stop shop” for parents of Williamston Elementary students, will be held April 16, by the PTSA. This event will take place in the Discovery Elementary Cafeteria 6:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.

“Everyone is welcome, no matter what school district their students attend,” said Michelle Eichler, the member of the Williamston Chamber of Commerce who is hosting the event. “The event is amazing, I used to spend weeks online trying to fill my children’s summer. This event makes it all happen in one hour.”

This is the second year for this event, but even though it is just starting out, its popularity continues to grow.

Williamston downtown holds ‘quirky’ secrets, sense of inclusion

Wander up the stairs of the Williamston True Value Hardware store, and it has its own storage room. There are remnants from the past, including a run-down kitchen and bathroom from decades ago. But the real treasure lies in the basement. Both the second floor and basement are hidden from the public eye, much like the nested relationship between businesses in the area. It’s there, just unseen.

The Bunkhouse opens in Williamston

It’s been busy inside the bright teal building at 118 W. Grand River Ave. in downtown Williamston. The building now occupies The Bunkhouse, which opened on Feb. 16 and was founded by 141 Design Company owners Chantelle and Brian Deimling. “The Bunkhouse is where paint classes are held and it’s also a fun little store,” co-owner Chantelle Deimling said.

Toys R Us won’t be missed in Williamston

The toy wonderland Toys R Us has declared bankruptcy. Its 735 stores around the U.S. will be liquidated and the once kid shopping paradise will plan on closing all stores permanently in April according to Business Insider. The chain has said that poor holiday sales was the final straw that led to the collapse, but online shopping and other national stores like Target also played a huge role in their decision to file for bankruptcy according to a press release from Toys R Us. With online shopping like Amazon becoming more and more popular every day sales at Toys R Us had been declining according to CNBC. 

“It is easier for me to buy toys like Legos online than to go to buy them at the store,” said Kathy Mcauliffe, a Williamston Alpaca employee. “Especially when you are trying to buy something for someone in another state.

Dogs need special care during winter

Some dogs are made for the winter. Huskies have heavy fur and tough paws which allow them to handle these harsh conditions with no problem. But some dogs do not have the same luxuries, which makes winter tough. “We take him on walks which sucks in the winter time,” said Joey’s Pet Outfitters employee Krystal Witt. Dogs routinely need to go outside for multiple reasons from walking to using the restroom.