Williamston DDA to line downtown with banners purchased by local businesses

The Williamston Downtown Development Authority received 14 letters from downtown business owners who would like to hang in the banners outside their businesses. City Manager, Corey Schmidt, said the banners will be given out on a first-come-first-serve basis. In the downtown area, there are nearly three dozen businesses that entertain the residents and surrounding areas.
Williamston City Mayor Tammy Gilroy objected to the idea of first come first serve basis; as she said she would rather have more banners under the lights than just a couple of dozens.

Williamston hosts first blood drive of the year

Saint Mary Catholic Church located at 157 High St. in Williamston hosts a blood drive six times every year.

“The drives at Saint Mary’s are some of the best that we have,” said Jeff Smith, a volunteer recruitment representative for the American Red Cross of Mid-Michigan, who coordinates the drives. “Their drives are always very good and reliable.”

Williamston roads withstand polar vortex

A polar vortex recently swept across the midwest, hitting last week the town of Williamston. With record-breaking wind chills and multiple days of school cancellations, some residents did not need to worry about road conditions.

Road maintenance is manageable in a town this size that consists of only 14 miles of roads and that has sufficient resources, said Scott DeVries, Williamston’s engineer and director of public works.

Williamston Community Schools elevates its brand by focusing on college readiness

In new efforts to strengthen reputability, Williamston Community Schools have made unprecedented attempts to increase the overall quality of education across the district.

Among these, schools at each level have set high standards, encouraging improvements on both academic and school image levels.

According to Williamston High School’s improvement plan, the desire to improve students’ college and career readiness remains the top priority.