Meridian Township, start your engines! Entertainment complex opens in Meridian Mall

The sounds of screeching tires and revving engines are the first things you hear when you enter the new go-kart entertainment space, High Caliber Karting, in Meridian Mall. A group of racers speeds around the corner on the blue track. High Caliber Karting isn’t your average go-kart racing experience. This indoor entertainment space is home to one of the largest arcades in Meridian Township, axe throwing, pocket soccer, two full motion virtual reality equipped racing simulators, two high-speed go-kart tracks and so much more! On Sept.

CATA uses lure of free rides to douse drunk driving habits on St. Patrick's Day

By Lauren Captain
The Meridian Times Staff Reporter

Your preference of transportation mode matters on a normal day, but this past St. Patrick’s Day CATA buses overpowered the inclinations of some to use their own motor vehicle. CATA’s Entertainment Express, that runs every week Thursday to Sunday to offer a primary mode of sober transportation, was helping the cause to promote against drinking and driving. The Entertainment Express is used in hopes of consumers helping themselves and other pedestrians from drunk driving accidents, not only this day, but every time the trolley rolls around. “Keep in mind that with or without the free-sober ride offer, CATA was already scheduled to operate Entertainment Express between the Capitol and East Lansing, and that the majority of those riders own a Student Semester pass, giving them unlimited rides aboard all fixed-route services, meaning they wouldn’t have had to pay any more to ride on St.

Who still rents movie videos? We do, apparently

By Rachael Daniel
Living in the Ledge Staff Reporter

There is arguably nothing better after a long week than melting into the couch and wasting a few hours binge watching Netflix. There are thousands of titles available as fast as the video can buffer. This convenience has surely made it tough for video stores to say open, though there are survivors. According to the Entertainment Merchant Association, Family Video still operates 775 stores in 19 states, including one in Grand Ledge at 615 S. Clinton St. Grand Ledge Family Video employee Andrea Parks said Grand Ledge’s small-town feel allows for a movie rental business to succeed even with the existence of video streaming companies.

Mac’s Bar’s stickers tell their own story

By Hannah Brenner
Lansing Township News Staff Reporter

“Mac’s isn’t the nicest bar in the world, but all of the stickers give it a story,” said Jake Lawrence. He, among many other concert-goers in the Lansing area, regularly attends Mac’s Bar at 2700 E. Michigan Ave. in Lansing Township to see live music. It’s listed on Google as a “veteran music venue for underground rockers” and lives up to the description. Band stickers and fliers cover the walls.

Old Town figures out ways to survive

By Zachary Swiecicki
Old Town Lansing Times staff reporter

Old Town, located in the northern region of Lansing, is only a 5-minute drive from the capital building in downtown Lansing. Many workers from the Lansing area are taking advantage of that and enjoying Old Town’s lunchtime and nightlife environment. During the day, Old Town struggles to keep the same amount of attraction as weekends. Around lunch time during the week in Old Town, there is an increase in the flow of people, but few restaurants and businesses are open to anyone passing through the small community. Lambs’ Gate Antiques worker Gail Mackenzie said, “Lunchtime is heavy traffic, then it slows down in the afternoon and then later on it picks back up.

Live entertainment in Grand Ledge? You bet!

By Devinnia Moore
Living In The Ledge staff reporter

Alissa Ruckert and Allison Ramors are sitting outside the Sun Theater on a bench, chit-chatting before class. A conversation opens up about seeing their favorite artists. “I would drive all the way out to Illinois to hear my favorite band,” said 19-year-old Ruckert. Depending on the type of music you like, finding live entertainment can be a no-brainer in Grand Ledge, but others travel to Lansing, Detroit, or even further to see their favorite artists. “There is plenty of live entertainment right here in downtown Grand Ledge,” said one of those live entertainers, Shawn VanSteeland.

Lansing’s hip-hop community is building a foundation

By Isaac Constans
Listen Up, Lansing staff reporter

Like it or not, hip-hop is stating itself as the youth’s genre throughout the country and in local communities. And while Lansing might not exactly be a landmark city for profuse artistry, the importance of rap is tangible in Lansing, and it is only growing. In Lansing, local hip-hop can serve as a serious source of income for the artists who rely on a dedicated, musically inclined fan base to buoy their careers. For fans, the scene is a consistent source of entertainment and a frequent hub for nightlife. “I really enjoy it,” Scotty Bell, a lifelong Lansing resident and longtime follower of Lansing hip-hop, said about the local scene.