Grand Ledge City Council’s list of priorities brings projects to Jaycee Park

A list of priorities composed by the Grand Ledge City Council will bring in members of the community through a large park project that’s being referred to as the Jaycee Park Master Plan. Jaycee Park, one of the many recreational areas in the City of Grand Ledge, will undergo several updates and construction work beginning this summer. The master plan for the park, originally set forth in 2013 with a construction start date of summer 2018, was officially adopted at the council’s Jan. 8 meeting earlier this year. According to the Grand Ledge City Council website, “Jaycee Park is 5.92 acres of pristine park land, situated along the Grand River.”

Adam Smith, the city administrator of Grand Ledge, talked about the City Council’s routine in choosing which projects to prioritize during the two-year periods.

MSU students prepare for finals week

As the semester approaches an end, many students at MSU are preparing for final exams and beginning to put their schedules together for the next school year. About four weeks are left in the spring 2018 semester and students are starting to sift through their class notes, study and work hard to reach their desired grade. Thomas Adams, a media and information major at MSU, said he is trying to read over his notes and study in advance to get good grades. “I’m just studying my butt off, mostly reading notes, going to study sessions, stuff like that,” Adams said. Many students also have class projects at the end of the semester.

Watch: Grand Ledge holds St. Patrick’s Day parade

Residents of Grand Ledge and the surrounding areas came out on Saturday afternoon to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a parade and other festivities. The parade, sponsored by the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Association, began at 2:00 p.m. in downtown Grand Ledge.

Grand Ledge reacts to high school bomb threats

A bomb threat at Grand Ledge High School, coupled with similar threats made against surrounding area schools, resulted in multiple active Shelter-in-Place and evacuation situations within the last two weeks. On Tuesday, Feb. 20, students and staff at the high school in Grand Ledge sheltered-in-place after reports of a bomb threat reached the school’s administration. The threat was found written on a bathroom wall. Grand Ledge High School sophomore Anne-Marie Latourette said the school entered into the Shelter-in-Place while she was in her second-hour class period.