By Kristen Alberti
Listen Up, Lansing

You’re sitting in a park enjoying a lovely afternoon with some friends. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and a group of people are running around behind you searching through trees and bushes. Your curiosity is piqued when you see them whip out GPS systems, but you never get the guts to ask them what they’re doing. Meanwhile, Jessica Rehling, a student behavior and conflict resolution administrator at Michigan State University, is leading a group of her friends on a trip through the forest to find a geocache, or as she would say, a hidden treasure. Geocaching is like a scavenger hunt made by anyone around you, said Rehling.

Distracted walking may be just as bad as distracted driving

Being distracted by a smart phone or an electronic device is not only a concern while driving but also walking. Communications major Emily Nichols was hit by a car last May while walking in the rain to her math class. “After I was hit I looked for my phone first” Nichols said. Recent studies at New Patterson University have shown that pedestrians are brashly walking though busy intersections with don’t walk signs flashing, while on there smart phones or wearing headphones

Officer Geff Blair of the LCC police department is concered with pedestrians not watching where they are going. “Their whole world is in their palm and the things going on around them become less significant, they even ignore them making them more susceptible to being injured.” He said.

Obama Signs Farm Bill at MSU

President Barack Obama made a historical event at Michigan State University on February 7, 2014. He signed the farm bill, which ensures farmers with crop insurance, and allows people to buy fresh locally grown produce at an affordable price. Debbie Stabenow, who is the senator for Michigan, was the one who pushed this bill. It took her three years to get it though congress. Obama greeted the audience with a powerful “Go Green” so show is Spartan spirit.

MSU Bike Share

As bike clutter worsens around campus, ASMSU says they have a fix. “The idea is: create a bike sharing community,” said ASMSU VP for Finance and Operations, Mike Mozina. With nearly 50,000 students enrolled at MSU, bike racks are overflowing. ASMSU wants to implement a program where students could pay for shared bikes when they need to get around campus. Students could either rent bikes at $1 per hour or buy a year-long membership for $50.

MSU Withholds Student Government Funding

After MSU requests ASMSU, the schools student government, to transfer their financial accounts on campus the organization votes to deny the request resulting in their funds being withheld. The university says the request is supported by past audits ASMSU see’s otherwise. Focal Point’s Cortni Moore tells us why.

Nike Gives Gifts in Exchange for Exercise

Nike celebrated the Spartans’ 3rd place standing in its March Madness Fuel Points Competition Friday night at the Breslin Center. The competition kept track of students’ activity through various Nike Fuel equipment.  The students would then upload their activity to Nike’s website to gain Fuel Points for their own schools. Nike sent two trainers and a box full of goodies to East Lansing for their efforts.  The trainers led a 40 minute workout session.

Free Laundry In the Dorms

Michigan State University’s Residence, Education and Housing Services will be providing free laundry for students living in the dorms for the Fall 2013 school year. Students give their thoughts and Assistant Director Ashley Chaney gives us details on the new perk.