Holt Food Frenzy provides fun despite weather concerns

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Food trucks are seen serving customers outside of the Holt Farmers’ Market on Wednesday, October 12. The final Food Frenzy of the year included thirteen different food vendors, alongside a variety of other goods.

DELHI TOWNSHIP, Mich. – The last Food Frenzy of 2022 took place at Holt Farmers’ Market on Wednesday, October 12, with crowds of visitors braving the cold and rain to enjoy food from local vendors, live music, and other activities.

Food Frenzies took place once a month throughout the summer at the Farmers’ Market, attracting both seasoned market customers and newcomers.

Holt resident John Bradley described his excitement at visiting Food Frenzy with his friends for the first time. 

“We live in the area, we see it all the time, we decided we needed to stop by,” Bradley said. “Having all the different food options was awesome.”

Vendors at the Food Frenzy provided a variety of eating options, including barbecue, grilled cheeses, pizza, and desserts such as fried Oreos and snow cones.

Entertainment for the event included a live music performance by Jake & Shelby and a “spooky monster magic show,” which Bradley described as a highlight of the Food Frenzy. 

“It was a kids’ show, but it was pretty cute,” Bradley said.  “A lot of kids were involved in it, with a pretty big crowd.” 

Bradley mentioned kids had come from all throughout the Lansing area to partake in the magic show. “There was a kid in the show who was from Grand Ledge,” Bradley said.

Mason resident Sydney Butkin also expressed her enjoyment of the show, and thought it was a great opportunity for the kids. 

“I think the magic show is probably a fun weeknight thing for them,” Butkin said.

Holt Farmers’ Market, located at the red pin on 2150 N Cedar St., is also open for regular business every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Vendor and Holt resident Bobbie Ballou has been visiting the Farmers’ Market for years and came out to the Food Frenzy to sell Bobbie’s Brack’d Candy, a rock candy business she started to provide an extra source of income to her family.

“I have made it for years with my girls growing up, but last year my husband became disabled and was unable to work, and financially we needed more income,” Ballou said. “I started making and selling rock candy. It’s given him a purpose, because he labels our bags, he makes sure our shows are ready.”

Ballou expressed starting her own business was difficult, but that having the Food Frenzies was an opportunity for her to build an audience. 

“It is first year, so it’s a lot more cost than benefit, but it’s helping us pay our bills,” Ballou said. “I’ve been doing Food Frenzies the whole summer.”

Due to rainy weather outside, most of the day’s activities had to take place indoors. Bradley expressed that the number of visitors may have been reduced by the weather conditions. 

“Before, when we’ve driven by and seen it, there have definitely been more people,” Bradley said. “I’d definitely say there was less of a crowd today because of the weather. We wouldn’t have been here very long if they didn’t have the seating inside.” 

Ballou was optimistic about the turnout despite the weather conditions. “The weather has affected it a bit, but it’s been a nice steady crowd,” Ballou said.

Butkin stated that the reduced crowds did provide an opportunity for newcomers, such as herself, who wanted a relaxed atmosphere.

 “In the summer it’s always super busy, which is why we hadn’t come yet,” Butkin said. “It’s nice that it wasn’t like waitresses at the tables, we could just hang around instead,” said Butkin. “It was a good first time to come.”

“It was nice to just hang out with friends,” Bradley said. “I’d definitely come back.”

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