Black owned movie production studio sets up shop in Lansing

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Greenwood District Studios will be replacing the old Lansing Mall Cinema. The movie production studio is owned by Amaru, a film maker who also is into comedy.

The space will have not only have theaters for premieres for in house film productions, but studio space for writers, producers and record producers as well. In addition to all the movie making equipment, the location will store the Funny is Funny comedy club. Comedians from all over Michigan will stop in for guest to get a laugh in.

Creator Amaru was inspired by the previous Black Live Matters protests and believed since everyone was marching for a specific reason, something like this was needed in the community.

“We’re all saying the same thing, we need something of our own, we need some inclusion, we need our voices heard,” Amaru said.

The name also comes from the 1921 Race Riots in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Where neighborhoods of predominately African Americans were destroyed with hate crimes.

To catch a show at the comedy club, tickets can be purchased here.

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