Insert pulled quotes & embedded media

WordPress has a formatting button for basic “blockquotes,” but our theme, Largo, has a special tool to allow authors to insert pull quotes into articles.

Normal block quotes look like this. Create this format by using the Blockquote button from the toolbar above.

Largo’s Module Wrapper applies a more visually rich style to selected text, and allows you to wrap content around it like you would be able to do in a print newspaper or magazine.

The Module Wrapper allows you to make a selection of text appear as an aside or a pull quote. You can also use it to include embedded content like a YouTube video, and make it responsive for different screen sizes. To use it, select the content you want as the pull quote or embedded media and click the Module Wrapper icon which is the furthest to the right in the formatting tool bar

Module Wrapper in the WordPress article post toolbar

Use the Module Wrapper to create nicely formatted pulled quotes in the body of an article. You also can use it to embed other content.

You can then select:
  • Aside, which pulls the content aside and wraps the other post content around it. This is similar to a pull quote but with undecorated text and is most commonly used for adding sidebars to a longer story.
  • Pull Quote, which also pulls the selected text aside and applies styling to make it stand out from the body text.
  • Embedded Media, which is useful for videos and other embedded content to make them resize responsively for different screen sizes.
Module Display Wrapper content options

The Module Wrapper allows several options to display content.

Use the Module Wrapper options to align your selection left, right, or center, and to display half-width or full-width. In the case of embedded media, you can choose to extract the width from the embed code itself but this will prevent it from resizing responsively.

Tip: Preview the post to see how the Module Wrapper will display your content. You can use undo to revert changes made by the Module Wrapper, or by using Text mode you can delete the HTML wrapped around the selected content.