Adding new users

Users can only be added by instructors and site administrators. Use the following guidelines when adding a user.

From the Dashboard, find the Users menu in the left rail. Select “Add New.” The Add New User page will appear.

Under the Add New User heading, input a username, email and role for the user. Please closely follow the below standards for those fields. The biography and profile image can be completed later by the user.

Many instructors find that it works best to set up user accounts in class. Log into the Spartan Newsroom from a centrally available computer, get the Add New User window and then call up each student. The student can fill in their own information and set their own password. (Please supervise students so that they follow the standards for user names and emails listed below.)

Alternatively, instructors can set up student accounts with a temporary password to be shared later with each student. Encourage students to log in to their profile and update the password right away.


The username should be a student’s or faculty member’s MSU NetID. This field is not editable after creation of a user account.

Student name

A user’s first name and last name are automatically combined by the content management system to create a byline. The First Name and Last Name fields are editable later, so students may choose how they want to be identified (formal name vs. nickname) in their byline.

‘Display name publicly as’

Please choose the First Name Last Name combination from the dropdown list (ie, Joe Sparty). This is how a reporter’s name will appear in their byline at the top of posts.


Use students’ official MSU email addresses when adding students as new users.


Students generally should be added in the role of Author. Authors can create new posts to create a new story pitch or to begin the process of posting a new article, but they cannot publish content.

Students who are given a higher level of responsibility in a class may be moved to the Editor level. Editors can edit or delete any Post or Page and may moderate comments.


Contributor is a role generally used only by Great Lakes Echo.


Instructor is a role reserved for faculty. It includes most Administrator privileges.


Users with the Administrator role have full control over the site. Users should not be given this role without special permission.


Students who graduate or who are not actively engaged in producing content for the website should be moved to Inactive. Inactive users have no control of the website or its content (including their own content).