From roses to the Red Box for MSU Football

You’ve probably heard of the Rose Bowl before. But have you ever heard of the Red Box Bowl? Michigan State found out that after their 7-5 season they’d be heading to Santa Clara to take on Oregon. The bowl game has had seven different names before, with the most recent name deriving from the DVD rental company. The MSU football team is remaining positive about the game, calling it a good opportunity for the program.

A top ten MSU team that will rev your curiosity

Michigan State is known for their hoops. The basketball team started the season in the AP Top Ten. But one of the best teams at Michigan State might be one you’ve never heard of… the formula racing team. “We design, build and race a brand new formula styled vehicle every single year,” said Ajay Mehta, team project manager.

MSU fraternities ban hard alcohol

Since fraternities opened on campuses hundreds of years ago, alcohol has been part of the mix. They’ve been ridiculed in movies like “Animal House,” but now, at least at Michigan State, things are going to change. MSU fraternities just voted to ban alcohol over 15 percent. That means hard alcohol, like vodka and whiskey, are banned from their houses. “All fraternities support this movement,” Trevor Coval, president of the MSU Interfraternity Council, said.

MSU reacts to Brett Kavanaugh

The Supreme Court now has a majority of conservative justices. Brett Kavanaugh was recently confirmed to the nations highest court despite facing multiple sexual assault allegations. For MSU law students, it’s still a hot issue even though the confirmation is over. In fact, the group gathered for their own debate on the subject. The MSU Federalist Society hosted a panel discussion called Kava-nay or Kava-yay at the MSU College of Law.

Gretchen Driskell visits with MSU Democrats

Democratic congressional candidate, Gretchen Driskell, made a campaign stop on campus this week. Driskell is running against Michigan’s current congressman, Tim Walberg, in the 7th district. Walberg has been in office since 2011. Tuesday’s meet and greet with students was small and personal, which allowed plenty of time for questions. MSU isn’t in the 7th district, but Driskell said meeting college students and finding out what they care about is an important part of her campaign.

Starbucks’ new lid designed by 2011 MSU graduate

Starbucks recently joined a growing number of businesses nationwide looking to eliminate the need for straws. 2011 MSU graduate, Emily Hill, designed a new lid for the coffee giant that eliminates the necessity of the straw. It’s all apart of the nation wide campaign to reduce plastic waste. MSU School of Packaging Director Susan Selke was excited to see another former student accomplish great things after their time at MSU. “Oh it’s great to see that,” Selke said.

MSU Soccer gets off to best start in 44 years

Starting the season hot is beginning to become the norm for MSU soccer. Last year, the Spartans won their first seven games before picking up a loss. This year, they have topped that. “I think it’s awesome,” said MSU defender John Freitag. “Just every single game has been really fun and just the energy around the team, around the guys is awesome so it’s always fun when you are winning games so we’re pretty excited about that.”

The MSU soccer team has started the season off with eight wins, zero losses and two ties, which is their best start since 1974.