Starbucks’ new lid designed by 2011 MSU graduate

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Stabucks' new lid was designed by 2011 MSU graduate Emily Hill

Starbucks recently joined a growing number of businesses nationwide looking to eliminate the need for straws.

2011 MSU graduate, Emily Hill, designed a new lid for the coffee giant that eliminates the necessity of the straw.

It’s all apart of the nation wide campaign to reduce plastic waste.

MSU School of Packaging Director Susan Selke was excited to see another former student accomplish great things after their time at MSU.

“Oh it’s great to see that,” Selke said. “Were really proud of the things that our students go out and do. We hope that we give them the tools to be able to continue to advance the field of packaging, to be creative and come up with ideas and make a difference.”

Starbucks says they plan to phase out straws in 28,000 of their stores by 2020.

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