MSU reacts to Brett Kavanaugh

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The Supreme Court now has a majority of conservative justices.

Brett Kavanaugh was recently confirmed to the nations highest court despite facing multiple sexual assault allegations.

For MSU law students, it’s still a hot issue even though the confirmation is over. In fact, the group gathered for their own debate on the subject.

The MSU Federalist Society hosted a panel discussion called Kava-nay or Kava-yay at the MSU College of Law.

“We try and bring engaging speakers… on engaging topics and that is what I think we did here today,” said Andrew Rejent, the President of the MSU Federalist Society.

The event was designed to spark conversation.

“I honestly thought that it was very interesting that we had screaming matches going on in a senate judiciary review hearing,” said Jordan Ahler, the Vice President of the MSU Federalist Society.

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