A top ten MSU team that will rev your curiosity

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Michigan State is known for their hoops. The basketball team started the season in the AP Top Ten.

But one of the best teams at Michigan State might be one you’ve never heard of… the formula racing team.

“We design, build and race a brand new formula styled vehicle every single year,” said Ajay Mehta, team project manager.

“MSU is a top team in the nation and this year we are trying to push that into the top team throughout the world,” said Justin Yan, the powertrain team leader.

The team meets at their garage in Okemos where they put in crazy hours, almost 40 a week in addition to their classes.

“When it comes to design season, we’ll say maybe get three hours of sleep a night, you know that’s for two weeks maybe more,” Mehta said.

When you spend that much time at work, you better like it.

“We’ve definitely become like a small family,” said team member Christian Abbate. “We all get pretty close with each other.”

This team definitely has Spartan pride. 

“I think one of the best memories we have was just after one of our finishes. We were chanting ‘Go Green Go White’ all the way down the paddock and past every team,” Abbate said.

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