MSU fraternities ban hard alcohol

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Since fraternities opened on campuses hundreds of years ago, alcohol has been part of the mix. They’ve been ridiculed in movies like “Animal House,” but now, at least at Michigan State, things are going to change.

MSU fraternities just voted to ban alcohol over 15 percent. That means hard alcohol, like vodka and whiskey, are banned from their houses.

“All fraternities support this movement,” Trevor Coval, president of the MSU Interfraternity Council, said. “All fraternities will be enforcing this movement.”

“I honestly think it has been better for us,” said Tom Brown, the president of Phi Kappa Tau. “Just more precaution and protecting our members against alcohol poisoning and things like that.” 

There was more than one reason for the change.

“I know why we did it,” Sigma Alpha Epsilon president, Lance Shackelford, said. “We’ve been known as the most deadly fraternity in the nation for, I don’t know how many years.”

“The Me Too movement, that in combination with other factors, definitely has increased the microscope on fraternities and sorority life here at Michigan State,” Coval said. “That kind of contributed to our need to be more proactive and introduce this change, but it was not directly related to our decision to implement this policy.”

Those involved are hopeful it will make a difference.

“It’s gotten us a ton of positive PR, showing that Greek’s are able to be proactive and govern themselves before someone else has to do it for us,” Coval said. “It’s also a risk change. This should greatly reduce the risks in our chapter facilities, so I think it is definitely positive in both ways.”

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