Changes coming to Downtown Okemos

Ace Hardware and Mitten Raised Bakery are few of many businesses in Downtown Okemos that have now closed, leaving the area lifeless and uninhabited. Bottoms Up dancewear shop is one of the last businesses still afloat, but not for much longer. “It just seemed like a good time to go. It was such a hard decision to leave our lovely customers, but after working so many long hours all these years, it is time for a new adventure,” Bottoms Up owner, Sherry Fisher, said. After 40 years, Fisher will be moving to Florida to start a new life.

A Student Election that No One Knows About

There’s an election going on right now and for a radio station and a newspaper, this election couldn’t be more important. 

“Having a newspaper cover 50,000 plus people in our community is really important and to have a staff that is dedicated to just relevant things to the MSU community is really important,” State News Managing Editor, McKenna Ross, said. 

The State News is asking for a two dollar and fifty cents increase in order to continue to improve their work and give students the opportunity to try something new. “An educational opportunity and work opportunity for journalism and media people to try out print and onlIne journalism and it’s been a really good experience,” Ross said. 

At just three dollars, Impact 89F is requesting a tax renewal. Impact 89F Assistant Station Manager, Olivia Mitchell, said this tax keeps their station running. “We are really volunteer heavy and we like to be able to move people up when they have put in the work. Just to have all the supplies that people need, resources, and all that money goes to doing just that,” she said.

A Life Without Plastic Straws

Plastic straws are everywhere and there’s talk of getting rid of them. Recycling Center Operations Manager, Sean Barton, thinks its a good first step. “They’re designed for single use,” Barton said. “It ends up on the side of the road or on the land fill and we don’t really know how long it takes to break down.” 

But that one single use might be important to people who live in retirement communities such as Burcham Hills. 

Burcham Hills dining room attendant, Chama Maweja, says this facility definitely needs straws. “I don’t think we can work efficiently without them,” she said.

IM buildings to be renovated

The seeds are planted inside IM West. Brand new artificial turf is being rolled out and it’s the first time being replaced in the past 46 years. IM Sports director, Joel Eddy, says the changes are long overdue. “The surface is very thin which was a tripping hazard,” said Eddy. Changes aren’t only coming to the floor, but the rafters too.

Easter celebrated in downtown Lansing

A weekend morning at the State Capitol. “Definitely more quiet,” Gerardo Arredondo of Lansing said. You don’t see the same hustle seen during the week. “There’s a lot of people working,” Arredondo said. “New laws to make,”  Kevin said.

New MSU Bakery Store Front

If you usually have to go get breakfast on the go, you may just miss a new stop for students on campus. It’s called MSU Food Stores, a new place for students to stop by to grab bagels, donuts, breads, and more made from scratch located on the west side of the bakery building. “The customer service girls told me that it is the cheapest on campus, its cheaper than Sparty’s,” Lexi Florinki, a bakery employee, said. Some of the employees work overnights, baking begins at three am and they seem to enjoy it thanks to Rita Lyon. “Oh my god, Rita is the greatest, Rita is probably like the only reason that I keep coming to work,” an employee said.