Watch Focal Point: 2020 presidential candidates, potato shortage in Michigan, a preview of the Oscars, and more

On this edition of Focal Point, Interim President Satish Udpa apologizes to the survivors who were involved in the Larry Nassar case, MSU might gain a new spot on campus, and a student started her own business at the age of 21. In sports, we have an overview on men’s and women’s basketball, hockey, and wrestling. This week in entertainment, we have a preview of the nominations for the Oscars. These stories and more on this week’s edition of Focal Point.

An MSU student is helping children cope with their anxiety through reading

A book that first started out as just something for a MSU senior to do in her free time is now her very first published piece of work. Hannah Safferman is a senior here at Michigan State University. Not only is she that, she is also the author of  ‘It’s OK To Be Anxious.’ A children’s book that focuses on helping with coping mechanisms for children with anxiety. Safferman studies elementary education and childhood development here at MSU and wants children to know that the emotions they are feeling are okay and that they are not alone.

Million-dollar biodome growing on campus

Right next to Shaw Hall sits an empty field, but a group of students are trying to change that. The Student Greenhouse Project has plans to construct an 150-foot biodome that would fill the space. “We’ve designed it to be site independent, so we can build it anywhere,” Jacob Bruner, the groups president, said. The biodome would have plants from every continent inside, but it wouldn’t be just plants. There would be WiFi, conference and study rooms, a performance area with hillside seating, waterfalls, animals…

Eastside Fish Fry and Grill gives its employees a fresh start

Eastside Fish Fry and Grill has been a staple in the Lansing area for seven years now. They sold 18,000 chicken wings during the Super Bowl and owner Henry Meyer says they sell 2,500 wings a day. But Meyer’s path wasn’t always clear to him and he had to go through some hardships to get to where he is today. “Nobody took a chance on me nobody would hire me,” said Meyer. “I was having a hard time finding a job.”

And now, he’s paying it forward.

MSU experiences a week of crimes

It’s not too often the MSU community gets crime notifications… but this week has been different. On Saturday, a student reporter their backpack was taken from the East Mcdonnel Hall dorm room, including their laptop, when no one was there. Police said the student later found his missing belongings. On Tuesday, a burglary occurred in the Human Ecology building.

MSU Rodeo Club’s Spartan Stampede celebrates 50th anniversary

The MSU Rodeo Club was created 50 years ago to bring the American sport of rodeo to mid-Michigan. “It’s so much fun, it’s better than Christmas,” said Torrie Yanz, an alumni member. The Rodeo doesn’t come to Michigan too often. “It’s the best weekend of the year, it’s my most exhausting weekend of the year but definitely my favorite,” Yanz said. But when it does, it’s a big scene.

Lansing gets first logo, parking app

Lansing is getting a makeover. In his recent State of the City address, Lansing Mayor Andy Schor revealed a new city logo and an upgrade coming to the parking system. The logo, designed by Lansing-based Redhead Design Studio, shows an “L” that mimics the three iconic smokestacks in REO Town that help make up the Lansing skyline. Pop-up shops have appeared around the city selling merchandise with the new logo. “We’ll do more pop-up shops, hopefully an online shop sometime.

Art and Craft BeerFest festival caps seventh year in Lansing

People made their way to downtown Lansing on Feb. 9 to attend the seventh annual Art and Craft BeerFest. The festival began with check-in at the Cadillac Room (inside Riverview Church), where attendees purchased tickets to gain access into four different venues which had different beer and cider, art and entertainment. Featured beers from Dark Horse Brewing Co. were made available during the live comedy act in the night session.

Blue Owl Coffee set to open location in East Lansing this month

The Blue Owl Coffee Shop is planning to open up a second location in East Lansing at the end of February. The Reo Town-based business is set to open its 3,00-square-foot location on the campus of Michigan State University, located at 213 Ann St., Suite C, as part of an effort to open up three new locations by May, co-owner Nick Berry said. “We just want to be apart of the story,” Berry said of his plans for expansion. “There is a huge transition going on in East Lansing and we’re just excited to be able to house the beginnings of the stories for a lot of the people in the neighborhood.” Two additional coffee shops are set to open up within Lansing’s Old Town by the end of May, as well as a Grand Rapids storefront location in the city’s Northwest Neighborhood.

‘Night to Shine’ event celebrates princes and princesses

Princes and princesses were crowned last Friday at the 5th annual ‘Night to Shine’ event. The dance was hosted at more that 655,000 churches from all around the world, celebrating more than 100,000 honorary guests. People were seen walking down the red carpet, getting their own crown or tiara and breaking it down on the dance floor. 242 churches locally from Lansing and Ann Arbor held dances. Along with the honorary guests, thousands of volunteers helped out at the event in order to make it truly a night to shine.