Watch Focal Point: A MSU Professor finds a new office, a MSU student graduates with his mother, and a MSU student starts her own business

On this special edition of Focal Point, we spotlight many cool things Spartans are doing around campus and beyond. Learn about the MSU professor who took his talents out of the classroom and onto a TV set. We introduce you to a group of MSU students who are making dreams come true as Disney princesses. The first annual Izzo Legacy Run/Walk leaps into action and an MSU baseball player achieves a lifelong goal. These stories and more on this edition of Focal Point.

Watch Focal Point: President Trump comes to Grand Rapids, and MSU engineers device for the hearing impaired

On this edition of Focal Point, get a preview of what MSU engineers are creating for people with hearing loss. Also, President Donald Trump rallies in Grand Rapids. Learn more about possible health benefits of medical marijuana. In sports, find out how MSU forward Nick Ward was able to make it to March Madness. These stories and more on this edition of Focal Point.

MSU professor takes bugs to national television

For those who are fans of the Oxygen Network, an MSU professor is the channel’s newest star. Dr. Eric Benbow, a forensic entomologist at Michigan State University, was called upon to work on the Oxygen series “Smiley Face Killers: The Hunt for Justice.” The episode centers around Todd Geib, a 22-year-old who was found in a lake north of Grand Rapids. The autopsy concluded it was death by drowning, but bugs found on the body said otherwise. That’s where Dr. Benbow comes in.

Club at MSU teaches you how to quickstep

If you’re a student at Michigan State and a friend asks you to go dancing, we’re pretty sure it wouldn’t be at this location… but maybe it’s exactly the dance floor for a quickstep. It’s the ballroom dance team- a club here at MSU that meets Monday through Thursday, every week, 10 p.m. till midnight. “It’s a good way to wrap up a stressful day,” Taylor Kuminski, a student majoring in animal science, said. Think of it like ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ just after chemistry class.

Black Lives Matter: Step into Power

The Black Lives Matter of Michigan came to East Lansing Sunday to promote what they call black love, black joy and black political power. The event was called “Dream Big: Step into Power” and was located at the Scene Metrospace which is an art exhibit here in East Lansing. People of all colors gathered and explored questions like what black love means to them as well as how they can gain a voice in the government. “Today is the beginning of a state-wide people’s assembly process, which is really about residence coming together to find ways to prioritize our issues and work with governments so that it works better for us,” Angela Waters Austin, co-founder of Black Lives Matter of Michigan, said.

Joe Louis Arena Set to be demolished

The Joe Louis Arena was the home to the Detroit Red Wings in some of its most pivotal and historical seasons as a franchise, from 1979 to 2017. Four Stanley Cup Championships and 25 consecutive playoff runs were some of the accolades that were achieved inside this iconic building. It was the second oldest National Hockey League venue after Madison Square Garden, and closed its doors just two years ago. Now, it sits as a fossil of Detroit sports, with fans walking up the stairs to take pictures of the old superstructure. The paint from the walls and the staircase were also visibly cracking, further showing the weakened state of Hockeytown’s hub.

MSU students honor New Zealand mosque shooting victims

After the deadly mosque shootings in New Zealand last week, Michigan State students gathered to honor the victims and their families. The vigil, put on by the MSU Muslim Student Association, was a time for prayer and reflection. Organizers say even though it was an emotional event, their goal was to unite everyone in love and solidarity. Speakers included representatives from different student organizations, community leaders, professors and religious leaders. “It was just like complete horror and frustration that nothing seems to be getting better,” said attendee Margot Valles. “And in particular in New Zealand, which is known for its safety, that it would happen there is just like…it just shows how much work we have to do.”

New documentation requirement for travelers

The airport can be a stressful and hectic place. There’s lots to think about, does your bag have a tag, should I buy food for the trip, how early should I get there? And now, when traveling to Europe, you’ll have one more thing to remember. One more piece of identification. Starting in 2021, a required travel authorization form.