Warm Fall Weather Could be Cause for Concern

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OKEMOS, Mich.- There has been a change in our local weather patterns over the last few years. Temperatures are rising and continuing to stay warmer for longer.

According to the National Weather Service, they predict that there is a 40% chance that temperatures will be warmer than normal this fall.

While these warmer temperatures may be enjoyable for most, they actually are having an effect on our local ecosystems.

In regards to wildlife, Jeffrey Andresen, the state climatologist for Michigan thinks that we will see wildlife migrating to a more suitable climate over time.

However some plants and animals will not have that luxury.

“This is why we hear threats about extinction and loss of species and loss of biodiversity,” said Andresen, “because these organisms, they just don’t have the ability to deal with these environmental changes, or not quickly enough.”

El Niño South Oscillation is the phenomenon behind these warmer than usual fall temperatures.

Scientists use long-lead outlooks to determine the changes in weather patterns and have shown that the Midwest has become warmer and wetter over the past few decades and we can expect those trends to continue.

For now, Michiganders’ can enjoy these warm temperatures while they are still around.

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