Warm Fall Weather Could be Cause for Concern

OKEMOS, Mich.- There has been a change in our local weather patterns over the last few years. Temperatures are rising and continuing to stay warmer for longer. According to the National Weather Service, they predict that there is a 40% chance that temperatures will be warmer than normal this fall. While these warmer temperatures may be enjoyable for most, they actually are having an effect on our local ecosystems.

In regards to wildlife, Jeffrey Andresen, the state climatologist for Michigan thinks that we will see wildlife migrating to a more suitable climate over time. However some plants and animals will not have that luxury.

Sterling Heights Community Center returns to in-person events

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. – The city’s community center has begun to host in-person events for the first time since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Residents can choose from dance classes, reading groups and craft events as of March 3, 2021. City residents can participate confidently in these events due to the safety measures city officials have implemented to keep them safe. Parks and Recreation Director Kyle Langlois said the community center requires all employees to fill out health assessments and record their temperature daily to try and gauge if anybody is ill. He also encourages employees to stay home if they have a cold or a sore throat to not risk overlooking symptoms. 

The community center has also been working under a limited staff to try and reduce the amount of people entering the building and to make contact tracing simpler.

Indoor dining capacity increases, but COVID-19 risk factors remain

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. – On March 5, 2021 the indoor dining capacity in Michigan was increased to 50%. For restaurant owners in the city, this was exciting news. The increase in dining capacity means an increase in revenue for these establishments, and is another step toward the return to normal living conditions. For Pashko Ujkaj, the owner of Dodge Park Coney Island, trying to maintain his restaurant’s normal ways of operation has been a challenge, but he thinks moving to 50% will be promising.

Sterling Heights to use firefighters as vaccine administrators

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. – City officials have applied for a certification through the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to use Sterling Heights firefighters and paramedics as vaccine administrators at the old Sears Service Center drive-through facility. This vaccination spot is expected to begin operation in early April once there is enough staff and vaccinations ready. Due to its prime location in one of the busiest areas of the city, thousands of city residents are expected to receive their vaccinations here. Long-time members of the community like 62-year-old retired insurance agent Karen Greene are thrilled to have a vaccination center opening so close to home.

Pictured above is the Warren Consolidated Schools administration building. This is where members of the board have their offices.

Warren Consolidated Schools plans to return to in-person learning

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. – Warren Consolidated Schools are finalizing plans to return to in person and hybrid learning. Safety precautions have been put into place to help the transition go smoothly. 

The school board has met regularly. These meetings are where safety protocols and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines have been discussed and implemented into their plans for this change. 

Covid-19 has been running its course since last March. Worldwide there have been a reported 107 million cases and 2.33 million deaths.