New app helps to build local creative communities

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With more than nine million apps in the world, recent graphic design graduate, Danielle Tice, thought one was missing. That is, a dedicated space for collaborating with local creatives, sharing projects and celebrating creative individuals. Thus, Fello was born. 

Starting as just an idea to build a creative network, it grew to be an app fully-funded by MSU’s Burgess Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation. 

Tice pitched the concept for the first time in February at Burgess’s 2Day Venture, a 36-hour pitch competition, and met her business partner John Hart. 

Placing first and winning $500, Tice and Hart constructed a business plan and haven’t slowed down since. 

“We’ve defined what creative communities really mean and we figured out a way to bring people together in a way that doesn’t just serve them through the app, but also helps to create real physical relationships outside of the digital space,” Hart said. 

More than $5,000 in funding later, Fello was picked up by a Lansing-based IT company called Dewpoint to develop the beta app.

Launch of the beta app is estimated to be in the winter. If you’re interested in being one of the first to use it, sign up for the beta list at

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