City of Lansing plans to open ice rink outside City Hall Plaza

LANSING – For years, Lansing residents and families have been searching for new ways to have fun in the state’s capital city, especially during the winter season. In efforts to promote a safe method for people to enjoy the outdoors while exercising, the City of Lansing and the Community Foundation announced on Jan. 26 that they are opening a synthetic ice rink in the City Hall Plaza in downtown Lansing. “With COVID-19, we know that people are looking for outdoor recreation for their physical and mental health,” Brett Kraschinske, the city’s Parks and Recreation Director, said. “We were able to collaborate with the Community Foundation to promote activities, events, and place-making along the capital’s riverfront.”

The Community Foundation is a non-profit organization in the Capital Region that helps create a lively community with the help of several donors that help fund city projects.