Photo of Okemos High School

Okemos High School students voice learning challenges

Annie Heeder

Annie Heeder reports from Okemos High School

On-line learning challenges

Imagine completing almost half of your high school experience on Zoom, and then being sent full force back to in-person for your senior year. It is the reality for Senior, Sarah Hamel. 

After making the transition to online classes a year ago, students struggled with losing the social connection that came daily with being in school in person. When asked about her experience online, Hamel said it took a toll. “I’m a pretty social person so being online was really hard for me in that sense,” Hamel said. Jennifer Nguyen, a junior at Okemos High School, agreed with Hamel that the year online was anything but easy.

This is a photo of the front of the Meridian Mall

Meridian Mall Fights Back After Devastating Pandemic

Imagine walking into the mall as a child and smelling the food court, there seems to be excitement in the air because of the shopping that is going to take place. Then COVID-19 hit and some people were feeling the urge to connect back to the mall setting that they once knew. Now, the Meridian Mall is open and ready to welcome back customers again, with a few changes.