Haslett family owned farm fights inflation

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HASLETT, Mich. –  The cost of taking a trip to a local cider mill is a little more expensive this year due to rising inflation rates, but Barkham Creek Farms tries to keep their prices affordable for customers. 

“No one’s complained, no ones said oh my god what are you doing,” said Robert Barkham

Barkham and his wife Jana started their farm 8 years ago and haven’t looked back since. 

“I think it’s in my blood, the farming part,” said Jana Barkham. 

The Barkham’s want community members to be able to enjoy their product without breaking the bank.

Local Michigan State University student Tessany Burton works with elders, and enjoyed every moment of her trip.

Burton states, “I mean this really is an experience that is really affordable.” 

Barkham Creek Farms will be open Thursday through Friday up until Halloween. To learn more about the farm and what it offers visit their Facebook page Barkham Creek Farms.

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